Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malaysia's Got Talent

Susan Boyle - An amazing rare singer from the recent Britain's Got Talent Show 2009

About three months ago, I thought I needed to do something exciting in life. Besides dancing and shopping, what else can trigger an excitement. I just don't know. I was feeling down with no reasons. Relationship f***ed up, needless to say.

So I feel the need to go back to my sisters. I think I should be reconnected to my family. That's the best ever solution. It was crazy and addictive. Never in my whole life I would actually believe myself being able to adopt this as a hobby. Dancing maybe, but not SINGING!

Blame it to all my crazy sisters. They all were crazy enough to find time to actually go off their work and go to the nearest karaoke centre for a break. How can they do this? Well, they all entrepreneurs, their own boss. Of course they can take a break anytime they like. But not I. I had to do it on weekends or after work.

It started when I was feeling down and lonely. Life is just not lively enough to my standard. I need a new activity. Where else to go when you are down and blue but to your own family, right. So I did go back to my family to find peace of mind. Meeting my parents always give me some kind of rejuvenating energy to my dead feelings. I feel so blessed and they reminded me of my life purpose in this world of evanescent.

Then my sister told me that she wanted to go karaoke. I asked, what's that all about and who's going? She said, all my sisters going. They've been at it for months, singing together. I was surprised. How come I was not invited. They said, because I was always busy with my own life and career. Never wanted to attend any of their functions. I had no idea, what I've been missing.

I was impressed. Then the rest of it is history. I was a karaoke addict ever since.

One good thing about this activity was that it connects me with my sisters. It makes us closer like never before. We have found one activity that all of us like in regardless of our age difference. Six of us girls and all love to go for a karaoke. I even get to see my 2-year old nephew often enough to make him recognise me and remembers my name too. If not because of this, I would have not known my own nephews and see them growing up. I had 7 nephews and one nice. Eight of them. They grew so fast. It amazes me sometimes. Huhuhu...


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