Wednesday, July 08, 2009

L.O.V.E to all the greats

Video courtesy of fonrims32 from YouTube.

This is the original L.O.V.E song by Nat King Cole recorded in 1964, his last album. One of the great musician in history. Well... This is a distraction of Michael Jackson memorial service that I am watching right now. An escapism. I shall write about him some other time. Not now.

Nat King Cole, a sad story in history. Why do people want to hate other people because of their colour? I just can't get it. What makes you so superior than the other. Cut yourself and the blood comes out the same red!

In his musical history, Nat King Cole was a victim of racial prejudice in America of that era. He would have been bigger and larger than life with his great talent. You can listen to all his songs now and find its remakes by many artists. It's truly magnificent and evergreen. UNFORGETTABLE, NATURE BOY, WHEN I FALL IN LOVE and MONALISA to name a few.

Video courtesy of loveblue15 from YouTube

Now this is L.O.V.E song remake by Joss Stone, an English fabulous singer which I adore. She sang this song with Nat King Cole own daughter, Natalie. It's the most beautiful song that will be remembered forever. Coco Mademoiselle used this song for their commercial which has delighted the whole world. If you all can remember that beautiful feeling when watching Keira Knightley in it (:


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