Friday, July 31, 2009

Would you marry me? Because I'd like to date you.

I was not feeling my vibrant self yesterday over a family issue. I had a date with my friend, Jasz to watch 'The Proposal' which she took an effort to buy the ticket a day earlier. Three of us girls watching, i.e. Jasz, Dr. Karin and myself.

I told her, this better be good because I really need a good laugh today. Well, being a fan of Sandra Bullock, I know she will not disappoint me.

It turned out to be the best ever romantic comedy for this year! So hilariously witty and touching at the same time.

A story about a Canadian Executive Editor-in-Chief, Margerate Tate of a publishing house, Colden Books who has her visa expired. She quickly came out with a great idea to marry her assistant, Andrew Paxton to save her from being deported back to Canada.

Andrew who was hardworking and desperate to be an editor, agreed with the condition that she promote him to be in that position with an immediate effect. So they made a pact and off they go for a three-day weekend at Andrew's hometown in Alaska to convince the immigration officer that they are a real couple and are getting married. From there on, their love story begins.

Even if the story was predictable but plot was beautiful to no fault and the acting were superb. Sandra Bullock was funny, high class and eccentric, which she made us believe her character very much. Ryan Reynolds was also a good actor. Very natural and cute, playing an assistant and a rich man's son who wants to break away from his family tradition. It makes you love this couple and follow through their story till the end.

I would say it is a modern day love story between a lady boss and her assistant. Hmm... very possible in this time and era.

Hahaha... I give THE PROPOSAL a 5 out of 5!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malaysia's Got Talent

Susan Boyle - An amazing rare singer from the recent Britain's Got Talent Show 2009

About three months ago, I thought I needed to do something exciting in life. Besides dancing and shopping, what else can trigger an excitement. I just don't know. I was feeling down with no reasons. Relationship f***ed up, needless to say.

So I feel the need to go back to my sisters. I think I should be reconnected to my family. That's the best ever solution. It was crazy and addictive. Never in my whole life I would actually believe myself being able to adopt this as a hobby. Dancing maybe, but not SINGING!

Blame it to all my crazy sisters. They all were crazy enough to find time to actually go off their work and go to the nearest karaoke centre for a break. How can they do this? Well, they all entrepreneurs, their own boss. Of course they can take a break anytime they like. But not I. I had to do it on weekends or after work.

It started when I was feeling down and lonely. Life is just not lively enough to my standard. I need a new activity. Where else to go when you are down and blue but to your own family, right. So I did go back to my family to find peace of mind. Meeting my parents always give me some kind of rejuvenating energy to my dead feelings. I feel so blessed and they reminded me of my life purpose in this world of evanescent.

Then my sister told me that she wanted to go karaoke. I asked, what's that all about and who's going? She said, all my sisters going. They've been at it for months, singing together. I was surprised. How come I was not invited. They said, because I was always busy with my own life and career. Never wanted to attend any of their functions. I had no idea, what I've been missing.

I was impressed. Then the rest of it is history. I was a karaoke addict ever since.

One good thing about this activity was that it connects me with my sisters. It makes us closer like never before. We have found one activity that all of us like in regardless of our age difference. Six of us girls and all love to go for a karaoke. I even get to see my 2-year old nephew often enough to make him recognise me and remembers my name too. If not because of this, I would have not known my own nephews and see them growing up. I had 7 nephews and one nice. Eight of them. They grew so fast. It amazes me sometimes. Huhuhu...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Romancing the Rainforest of the Past and Present

This posting is rather late. I know. But I want to write it anyway.

I went to the recent 12th Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 which has been held from 10th- 13th July 2009 in Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong, Borneo Sarawak. It has been a very unique experience, I wound say (:

Before we move on further on the festival, I would like to reminisce my earlier visit to Sarawak in Year 2005. I went for a leisure vacation to Kuching with a dear friend. We had a great time in the Cultural Village. We enjoyed the cultural performance which to our opinion was of an international standard. It was a three-day brief visit to Kuching and I wish I would have stayed there longer.

Back then in 2005, I put into my schedule of places to visit and authentic things to try in Kuching. Among many things on my list was the Bako National Park since I am so into national parks and wonders of nature. Some of my career decisions were made based on these reasons alone. Example, Botany and Mulu. In my life, I always think that it would have been something amiss if I didn't go to check out the flora and fauna of any unique places that I came to visit.

So my friend and I went to Bako National Park and the Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre with a rented Proton Saga which we paid RM100 a day. I drove the car all over the city. The road was not so difficult to maneuver. In Bako, we took an impromptu jungle trekking, choosing the shortest distance possible just to have a feel of the place. So we took the 1 half hours trek that goes to a beautiful bay, Teluk Pandan Besar. It was so nice but unfortunately, we didn’t know how to get down to the beautiful secluded beach down below. It's just an appreciation of a scenic sandy bay overlooking the South China Sea. I wish I could just jump the cliff!

I would not forget the boat ride experience of Bako. It’s all bouncy, reverberated, wavy and wet. I love it to pieces as it gives me that kind of adrenaline rush. What a happy feeling I had. All soaked from head to toe. Then we bought our tickets and off we go to do the trekking as what I have described above.

Now back to the rainforest of Santubong. It’s totally another unique experience. The much anticipated event in my ‘this year’ list. I went there with high hopes and expectations. Of course most of my friends, whom I intended to go with, can’t make it. I managed to get an old friend to get interested, so off we go.

Instead of going with my usual free spirited friends on a loose. I was tamed by going with a friend and her family which included with them one small kid of 4 year-old. She's a bubbly kid with great enthusiasm for life. Her name is CINTA or LOVE in English. True to her name, everyone who came to be in contact with her, will immediately fall in love with her. It was totally a different atmosphere and style chilling out with this family. I enjoyed the experience and it makes me see things through a different perspective. Thanks to all of them.

*Here are some of the photos of my memorable journey to Kuching and Santubong. Words can’t describe a moment that is within your heart (:
*will upload photos later.

The eyes see and the heart feels. A thousand words unspoken because it is better left that way. Let it be instilled in the memory of thee and me.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

L.O.V.E to all the greats

Video courtesy of fonrims32 from YouTube.

This is the original L.O.V.E song by Nat King Cole recorded in 1964, his last album. One of the great musician in history. Well... This is a distraction of Michael Jackson memorial service that I am watching right now. An escapism. I shall write about him some other time. Not now.

Nat King Cole, a sad story in history. Why do people want to hate other people because of their colour? I just can't get it. What makes you so superior than the other. Cut yourself and the blood comes out the same red!

In his musical history, Nat King Cole was a victim of racial prejudice in America of that era. He would have been bigger and larger than life with his great talent. You can listen to all his songs now and find its remakes by many artists. It's truly magnificent and evergreen. UNFORGETTABLE, NATURE BOY, WHEN I FALL IN LOVE and MONALISA to name a few.

Video courtesy of loveblue15 from YouTube

Now this is L.O.V.E song remake by Joss Stone, an English fabulous singer which I adore. She sang this song with Nat King Cole own daughter, Natalie. It's the most beautiful song that will be remembered forever. Coco Mademoiselle used this song for their commercial which has delighted the whole world. If you all can remember that beautiful feeling when watching Keira Knightley in it (:


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