Sunday, June 07, 2009

There is a Soulmate for Everyone

"Who doesn't long for someone to hold. Who knows how to love you without being told"

This is a beautiful song. I dedicate it to all my young readers out there who are still looking for their soulmate :) I know it's not easy. Sometimes you think that this is it, he/she is the one but in the end, it's not the permenant one. Do not despair, all my dearest.

I've gone through that road. I have failed but still I believe there is a soulmate for everyone. You just had to be patient. Some will find him/her soon, some will have to go through a lot before finding one.

About four years ago my ex-colleague passed away because of colon cancer (and she's not the only one). She's in her 50s but she was like a mother to me. We were really close back in Year 1999. She was a Chef for one of the most prestigious food manufacturer in this country while I was an executive in the Business Development Department, helping her with new recipes for new products. She was a widow for 10 years and more at that time.

I had many fond memories of her. She's the fairest lady in her 40s back then. Her beauty was inside out. A beautiful lady with beautiful heart and beautiful taste in everything. I got to know from her, that she had many admirers asking for her hand but she refused. I asked her why she rejected all the proposals. She told me because her soulmate was with her, watching over her. She can feel his presence and his love still. Many a night, he will come into her dream. They will meet each other on top of a hill, with flowers in his hand and he will hold her without saying a word. She loved him every single day.

It made me humble listening to her love story. Theirs was like a movie material, really. Looking at the old photos of them together, the love was obvious in every expression and every pose. They never had children, but they had an adopted son. I will never forget her. Their love is an example of the existence of soulmate for everyone.

The husband died because of brain cancer. And she died because of colon cancer. It sounds tragic to people like us but in heaven who knows, they are happy together. May their loving spirits rest in peace for they had loved and had been loved. May Allah bless their souls. Amin...

My Goodness... lovey-dovey-head-in-the-clouds. Must be the full moon. I'm supposed to write something about the zoo!

Well... cheers everyone. Enjoy :)


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