Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Importance of Customer Service - an example

I called a florist today to make an inquiry about flower arrangements for my friend’s wedding in December. These are what transpired between us:

Me: Hello… is this Ms. Eliza, the florist.
Eliza: Yes! Wait ha! #@($#$ *))*# (in Chinese)
Eliza: Yes, hello! (with an angry tone)

Me: Hi, my name is Liza, I got your phone number from Mr. Lesley the bungalow owner of my friend’s wedding venue. I am calling to inquire about the flower arrangement.
Eliza: When is the wedding? (answering with no patience)

Me: In December.
Eliza: If it’s in December, then don’t call me now. I am very busy today. Call me in December!

Me: Okay, then can we at least meet up to discuss this matter (was shocked with her reply).
Eliza: If you want to meet me, not during weekend. I am not around. Meet me weekdays only.

Me: What time do you close?
Eliza: We do not operate from office. We are 365 a year, 24/7 a week (saying it out proudly).

Me: In that case, can we meet you up after 7pm since my friend and I are both working people.
Eliza: Nope. I am not available at night time (with an arrogant tone).

Me: How can I meet you up, then?
Eliza: Now is very hi-tech. There’s a thing called email (saying it sarcastically).

Me: Why are you being so sarcastic? Is this the way you speak to your customer? It’s like you are so angry when I call you up to inquire more on doing business with you (in disbelief I was getting angrier by the moment of her rude behaviour).
Eliza: No…. You must know, that today, I am very busy. I have no time speaking to you (how would I know, right… and she’s denying of being rude).

Me: Even if you are busy, this is no way of treating your customer. Well then, we speak some other time.
Eliza: Ok. (she hung up the phone with no feeling of remorse)

There will not be some other time for sure. I shall never call her again nor would I keep her number for future reference. Period!


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