Friday, June 19, 2009


“We are born owning many qualities; some we may never know we possess. It all depends what kind of run God gives us” – Colleen McCullough in Morgan’s Run

If you feel ill inside, do not let your head or heart clouded with negative auras that’ll only weaken the body. Go out for some air. It means you need to breathe something that is fresh. Fresh means new and new means change. Let’s take another run.

Whatever that rambling is, I am a happy woman today. A flora and fauna aficionado, I am a flower girl on a loose. I bought flowers of many colours and textures. It makes me so happy just to look at my creations. I am like a proud mother.

Even artificial flowers can give me that happy feeling, needless to say with fresh ones. I will fall in love, unable to take my eyes off it for days. That’s the power of flowers men should know. The importance of giving flowers to a woman was to make her happy. The smell, colour and shape of every soft petal give positive effect to human senses.

Not the artificial flowers though. It’ll only tell the woman that you are a cheapskate and an artificial person with a boring character (:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Animal Instinct in the Zoo

Animals on the loose in Madagascar 2

A couple of months back, I went to the zoo with a friend. My initial plan was to participate in their tree planting campaign in conjunction with Earth Day. It was stated in Zoo Negara’s calendar. I called a week prior to my visit to enquire about it. To my chagrin I was informed that the event has been called off due to non-participant of sponsors for the trees (why hadn’t they updated the website for God’s sake). My intention to volunteer on the tree planting finally became a visit that was insightful to share here in this blog.

My last time to the zoo was somewhere in Year 2007 when I brought my ex-colleague from Royal Mulu Resort for a tour. At that time, our Zoo Negara still has its aquarium collections (though awfully in need of maintenance), which consisted of fresh water fish and they also had the penguins. Where did all these animals now? I wonder. I went to see the Orang Utan show as well. At that time they had huge collection of monkeys. Hmm… why did I call the animals in the zoo as ‘collection’? Animals are not supposed to be a collection. They are species that need the same humane attention, tender care love and affection. Above all, we need to respect them. They have feelings so therefore, they can feel pain and they get hurt too.

Okay, forget about collection. There are many types of fish comprising tropical species and many types of snakes during my previous visit. The dwindling numbers of monkeys in the cages and even the snakes makes me so upset. Existing few that they have now were like impoverished, very sad and depressed looking. All the animals were looking like that! E.g. the sun bears, the Orang Utans, the chimpanzees, the cougar and the leopard. Thank God, the lions and tigers were well fed and looking fine if not bored. It makes me think, for the sake of education, we enclosed these animals against their will. How does that impact their lives? Huhuhu… I am thorn in between the right and the wrong of these animals living in captivity.

My heart aches. It reminds of Madagascar, the cartoon. How the Penguins lead the animals to flee the zoo.

Living in a place that is out of their natural habitat some of the animals shown signs of depression. No matter how much I tried to console my self that the zoo keepers are giving their best to sustain the animals in the most comfortable condition, I still feel sceptical about our zoo’s capabilities. In my opinion, Taiping Zoo fare better than our National Zoo. Not to mention, Singapore Zoo. It’s so far off to even compare! Huhuhu…

Looking around, the surrounding areas, obviously Zoo Negara was doing some kind of upgrading which was good. They had new trams driving visitors around the zoo which is commendable. There was some construction going on which I wonder what it’s all about since it’s like abandoned and no one was doing any work. What a messy scene. An eyesore to us, visitors.

The Safari was a sad thing as tall grasses left uncut, mosses found on the cemented floor, and it’s so disorganised. The Giraffes, Zebras and Rhinos, all looking like they were out of place. The theme ‘Safari’ did not meet up to the name. You just didn’t get the feel of it. Imagine what the animals had to suffer! Ahh!

I made some kind of summation in my head. Do we need the zoo or not. And the weight falls to YES we need the ZOO for the sake of education for our city folks who had never been to the jungle, who had never seen those animals from different parts of the world. But at least we need to make these animals live as comfortable as possible in exchange of them being caged and displayed for us human being, the caliph of this world.

The easiest to understand animals was from our own pets like cats or dogs for instance. They need to be treated like our family. Every cats and dogs are special with their own personality just like humans. They need, tender loving care. If not, cats and dogs will go into depression or behaviour disorder. Have you seen a depressed cat or dog? Well I have. And I hate people who tortured animals! I think, they will go to HELL.

Back to Zoo Negara, the issue now is obviously that they do not have enough financial aid from the government and the full support from the public itself. The entrance fees of RM15 (adults), RM6 (golden citizen and children below 12) and the tram ride for RM3 per round for me was reasonable for the upkeep of the zoo. Being a caring society, please support our zoo.

I’ve seen a lot of write ups been published by our local media to promote the zoo. Kudos to our good reporters. Keep up the support. The only thing now is for the management of Zoo Negara to look into matters pertaining their human capitals and quality deliverance of services. During peak season like school holidays, they need to have enough staffing to handle big crowds and to ensure good customer service to attract people to come back. Good products and good customer service come hand in hand. These should be looked into seriously. Hire passionate and experienced people to be in the front liner such as the PR and Event side. This is vital for the image of the zoo as it has been scrutinised by the public lately.

Oh dear, I am not in the position to tell people what to do. I love our zoo and hope it will fare well in the future and get to achieve its goal of becoming a world class zoo. Amin…

Sunday, June 07, 2009

There is a Soulmate for Everyone

"Who doesn't long for someone to hold. Who knows how to love you without being told"

This is a beautiful song. I dedicate it to all my young readers out there who are still looking for their soulmate :) I know it's not easy. Sometimes you think that this is it, he/she is the one but in the end, it's not the permenant one. Do not despair, all my dearest.

I've gone through that road. I have failed but still I believe there is a soulmate for everyone. You just had to be patient. Some will find him/her soon, some will have to go through a lot before finding one.

About four years ago my ex-colleague passed away because of colon cancer (and she's not the only one). She's in her 50s but she was like a mother to me. We were really close back in Year 1999. She was a Chef for one of the most prestigious food manufacturer in this country while I was an executive in the Business Development Department, helping her with new recipes for new products. She was a widow for 10 years and more at that time.

I had many fond memories of her. She's the fairest lady in her 40s back then. Her beauty was inside out. A beautiful lady with beautiful heart and beautiful taste in everything. I got to know from her, that she had many admirers asking for her hand but she refused. I asked her why she rejected all the proposals. She told me because her soulmate was with her, watching over her. She can feel his presence and his love still. Many a night, he will come into her dream. They will meet each other on top of a hill, with flowers in his hand and he will hold her without saying a word. She loved him every single day.

It made me humble listening to her love story. Theirs was like a movie material, really. Looking at the old photos of them together, the love was obvious in every expression and every pose. They never had children, but they had an adopted son. I will never forget her. Their love is an example of the existence of soulmate for everyone.

The husband died because of brain cancer. And she died because of colon cancer. It sounds tragic to people like us but in heaven who knows, they are happy together. May their loving spirits rest in peace for they had loved and had been loved. May Allah bless their souls. Amin...

My Goodness... lovey-dovey-head-in-the-clouds. Must be the full moon. I'm supposed to write something about the zoo!

Well... cheers everyone. Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Importance of Customer Service - an example

I called a florist today to make an inquiry about flower arrangements for my friend’s wedding in December. These are what transpired between us:

Me: Hello… is this Ms. Eliza, the florist.
Eliza: Yes! Wait ha! #@($#$ *))*# (in Chinese)
Eliza: Yes, hello! (with an angry tone)

Me: Hi, my name is Liza, I got your phone number from Mr. Lesley the bungalow owner of my friend’s wedding venue. I am calling to inquire about the flower arrangement.
Eliza: When is the wedding? (answering with no patience)

Me: In December.
Eliza: If it’s in December, then don’t call me now. I am very busy today. Call me in December!

Me: Okay, then can we at least meet up to discuss this matter (was shocked with her reply).
Eliza: If you want to meet me, not during weekend. I am not around. Meet me weekdays only.

Me: What time do you close?
Eliza: We do not operate from office. We are 365 a year, 24/7 a week (saying it out proudly).

Me: In that case, can we meet you up after 7pm since my friend and I are both working people.
Eliza: Nope. I am not available at night time (with an arrogant tone).

Me: How can I meet you up, then?
Eliza: Now is very hi-tech. There’s a thing called email (saying it sarcastically).

Me: Why are you being so sarcastic? Is this the way you speak to your customer? It’s like you are so angry when I call you up to inquire more on doing business with you (in disbelief I was getting angrier by the moment of her rude behaviour).
Eliza: No…. You must know, that today, I am very busy. I have no time speaking to you (how would I know, right… and she’s denying of being rude).

Me: Even if you are busy, this is no way of treating your customer. Well then, we speak some other time.
Eliza: Ok. (she hung up the phone with no feeling of remorse)

There will not be some other time for sure. I shall never call her again nor would I keep her number for future reference. Period!


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