Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovers' Impasse

This song sounds heartbreaking but somehow it makes me so happy :) Because I've done just that! Taking back my love and never ever going to give it back! Plus the throwing thingy as well. It feels great! The music makes you want to move your body, like you wish you are in a dance club at the moment. Letting go of your feelings and frustrations.

I am so happy for all my friends, i.e. Yoge, Josephine and Dinesh for getting married this year. I am so excited for Josephine that she has found her dream wedding venue. The bungalow is just perfect for her kind of wedding. After a month of headache searching for the right one, we found it at last. Thanks to Dinesh for sharing with me the contact. It's just perfect :)

Take a break everyone. True love is not material, not sex, nor external beauty. Think about it. Enjoy the song!

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