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I had the honour to participate in MIHAS 2009 this year. It was launched by our Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This is due to one of the group subsidiary company participated in the showcase of Halal food during the exhibition.

What is the definition of HALAL? Some of the non-Muslim surely have asked this.

Answer taken from Mihas website: In the Quran, the holy book and guide for all Muslims, there exists verses that call for Muslims to seek provisions that are ‘halalan toyibban’. The English equivalent for this phrase would mean lawful and wholesome. Therefore, halal is actually about everything from the food we consume to the businesses we conduct to the transactions we perform in our daily lives. It is the responsibility of a Muslim to ensure that what he practices and consumes is clean, hygienic and not detrimental to either his health or his well-being. Halal is an all encompassing concept which encourages a Muslim to seek and use products, ventures and services that promote cleanliness in all aspects of a person’s -that a product or service is safe for consumption, produced in a clean environment and health. Halal is the next benchmark for quality. Read more here.

Hadhari Catle Industry Sdn Bhd is now under the same group of company that I am attached with at the moment. So I had the chance to learn more of this business in the Marketing side. Hmm... very interesting. I realised how big the market for Halal Food is. It's not just for the Muslim, for the non-Muslim too because similarly to the Jews which they called it Kosher Food, is clean and save for everyone. That's the upper most teaching of Islam.

Hadhary Catle first operated in 2006 is now growing faster than a baby could walk. Malaysia as the World Halal Hub has helped a lot in promoting this business. At the MIHAS 2009 International Trade Exhibition, you will see more of the catle produce from Hadhari Industry and all can have a taste of Hadhari Beef as our Executive Chef Faizal from The Summit Hotel Subang USJ and his team are working hard at the Halal Kitchen. You can find them at Booth No. D58 - D65.

Hadhari Industry has brought Celebrity Chef Ismail to do cooking demonstrations and giving tips in cooking different types of beef. Don't miss the chance to taste what Chef Ismail has in store for the visitors. He will be at the Hadhari Food booth from today, 8th-10th May'09.

Try the special Hadhari Burger for RM3 a piece and you can also buy the beef produce available at the booth. Anything beef that you can think of, it's there for the taking. I begin to learn different types of beef and from which part of the catle they come from; like the ribeye, tenderloin, hotpot, striploin sinews, highrib and etc. There are different types of sausage and salami, different type of burger meat as well. Real burger meat without much fat in it. Amazing! It's educational for food enthusiast. Many types of steak meat to test your cooking ability as well.

How I wish I could be a great cook. Not my forte, though :)

International participation this year is very encouraging. You may learn a lot of halal product coming from countries like Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Republic of Serbia, Tunisia, UK and many more. Learn of their products and you will see how big the market is. Halal is not just the food. It includes, healthcare and beauty products as well.


  1. Shaun (Hadhari)3:22 pm

    Just dropping by to leave a comment.

    Thank you for your help and participation in the MIHAS. I'm sure the management will appreciate your hard work.

    We are doing a feedback survey for our booth and activities for MIHAS 2009. We appreciate if you could leave us some comment to


  2. Hey Shaun,

    Can't believe you found me here :) I had great time in MIHAS, so no problem.

    Sure I will participate in the survey. Thanks :)



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