Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dire State of Blue

Fight no more. Hate no more. Troubles you bring unto your selves. The dire state of Blue. Sigh… I need to cool myself down. Anger is not victorious. Hence come this posting. Here goes…

Our planet is called the Blue Planet. Why? Because from out of space, it’s the clearest blue of all. The atmospheric layers and the 70% water that covers the earth, earth is like a blue orb. Imagine how small the land area is. Only 30% and not all of the 30% are habitual. Minus the mountains, the dense forests, the extreme of Arctic (North Pole), Antarctica (South Pole) and the extreme deserts. We occupy not halve of the above sea level land area.

With the world population of 6.7 billion as of May 2009, a data from US Census Bureau, we are fighting for our own survival on this planet. All of us are only one speck of dust compared to the massive scale of Earth and its organisms that co-exist. No one should ever think that they are exclusive. No one should ever think that they could do whatever they like because the power that they have. No one is saved.

If Mother Nature wants to wipe us all, in one second, it can happen. We can’t control the amount of death caused by the rage of nature. For example, the Asian Tsunami in December 2004 (wiped out an estimated 230, 210 people –, Hurricane Catrina in August 2005 (about 1,836 death - Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, April 18, 2006), Sichuan Earthquake in May 2008 (estimated death toll of 70, 000 – from Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2009). The positive side is we do not have to worry about over-population of the Earth. Mother Nature has its own control mechanics :)

Back to the statistics, something interesting I found and would like to share. In a year, this world celebrated about 137 million of human birth and we mourn about 56 million of human death. World population is increasing obviously. Since births outnumber deaths, the world's population is expected to reach about 9 billion by Year 2040. Find all the data here. Can’t be putting data without reference, right :)

We should look after the ecological balance of this world. If Earth loses its balance, we all will pay the consequences. Having said that, my point is, no power is mightier than nature itself. We must take great care. I fear the wrath. Do you not feel the same?

So what ails our Blue Planet? GLOBAL WARMING! Everyone, this is very urgent. All individuals, families, communities, states, countries and the whole wide world must be aware what Global Warming is all about. This is because Global Warming causes ecological imbalance which causes the melting of the ice in the south and north poles which will lead to decreasing of land area (the rest you can imagine), the increase of average world temperature which causes bush fire and over-heating to us (unpleasant to live in a hot pot), the extinction of certain species (like the polar bears), the spread of diseases and many more unexpected situations.

We should have all these knowledge because knowledge is power. With knowledge, comes change. I’ll be writing more about this topic of my interest :)

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  1. Thank you dear, for agreeing with me. Hope more and more realised the urgency of saving our planet. Not just concentrating on our differences, not just fighting over power and not just thinking of personal gain.

  2. Hey I love your blog skin (:

  3. Hello there, thanks for coming by and for the comment you left me. I really appreciated it and it resonated with me because I do believe that what you said is true. Things do happen for a reason and young people shouldn't rush when it comes to love. Have a good week ahead! (:

  4. whoaamello... or what is your real name, love?

    You are most welcome. I've been in your shoes or even worst than that. I wish you all the best in love and most importantly, you future. Be a power girl and conquer this world in which ever ways you like most :)



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