Friday, May 08, 2009

Decorum Everyone!

What happened in Perak State last night and even since the last election makes me sick! I avoided writing about it because I hate politics and I don't want to tarnish my blog with sick political stories of our now to become sick society. Will you all just stop acting like we were born without proper decorum and ill background. Like we were never taught of good manners, respects and tolerance. Urggg.... there goes my frustrations :(

In regardless of what your political beliefs are, the thumb rule is, 'GIVE RESPECT-EARN RESPECT'. Decorum everyone!!! How can you be a future leader if you yourselves can't set a good example for the society. Do you think you fit the shoes you want to wear? Or was it a size bigger than your own feet. Answer this simple question and you know your credibility. Stop making fun of our country to others in the name of power and your own political agenda. I am so so so sick. It's damaging everyone of us. It's making me want to puke to see what happened on TV last night.

I think our society need to look into other areas of life that will generate positive thinking and healthy lifestyle. Look at our global warming for example. Everyone need to care for Mother Earth. Our government should impose more environmental friendly rules and regulations in all areas concern. Make it our priority now! It's getting hot in here. Weather changes have triggered unpredictable floods and droughts. No political powers in the world can save us if Mother Earth is destroyed. Who can go against nature wrath? Don't you see the urgency.

Our world is changing therefore we move in line with the changes in a positive way. Enough with political battle, wear your thinking head for matters like, health research, children education, conservation of the environment, elimination of poverty, empowering of the disabled people or OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) and many other battles in this life that is vital in sustaining our existence in this world of evanescent.

STOP NEGATIVITY. Use your time to the best of all things that will generate love, happiness, unity and stability. How will you be able to do this? Simple.

Think positive, and the outcome will be positive. Think happy, you get happy. Think love, you get love. Fill up your time with positive activities. For example this weekend is very significant to most of us. It's going to be Wesak Day on the 9th and Mother's Day Celebration on the 10th. For a family activity and education, you may go for the Lupus Event as per my previous posting. Show that you care. Our children will follow this good example. And you can also go for the MIHAS 2009 Exhibition at Matrade. Something educational and may be a business opportunity for some.

Tons of activities that is healthier for your well being and family can be done if only you will it to happen :)

Note: Photo courtesy of Tourism Malaysia

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