Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Climb

Looking back about a year ago, I was living in a dream. I imagined myself to be with someone that I love and willing to let go of my personal interest in life for the love of giving. I never wanted anything more but to be with THE ONE. I believe in THE ONE in regardless of what people preach or say to me. My mind says, home is where my heart is. I am still in that state of hard-to-believe naivety. Nothing will ever change that. However, my direction and enthusiasm towards life have changed. All for the better!

I began blogging when I first bought a laptop and a digital camera. The reason being, I wanted to be always up-to-date with technology and be independent in doing my own business conveniently. True to my plan, I achieved all that with flying colours. I never knew about or blogspot at the beginning. All I know is that, I spend a lot of my time reading and I wish so badly to be able to put my thoughts into words like those successful authors that touches the hearts of millions. I feel things intensely which sometimes turns to pain. It would be a stress-relief to be able to channel it out somewhere.

After almost living life as a failure previously, or only in my mind, I thought myself as one (wrong mentality), I rise again to be at the top. Lucky enough in this life, God gives you second chance for everything. The choice is yours to take and I am taking it. Time that has been wasted for indefinite causes, now being utilised to the fullest. Not all of my loved ones understand my doings. I don't expect them to. Won't give explanation as well. That's my own choice and am responsible to my own action. Questioning me would make me mad.

I am building back my self, rebranding it to the next level. My inner side has been reformed. The gear has been set high. I need a compatible engine to match up the speed. Therefore I have done some upgrading. Limited resources teaches me to improvise here and there. Oh well... Patience is the word.

No one should understand this posting. This is my own ranting of a messy heart. For now it makes me erase my facebook and multiply account. I found it irritating and anoying at the moment. I need to disappear for awhile. Try find me :)

Listen to Miley Cyrus folks. She's cute and can pass as beautiful young lady soon, marvellous and just genius with her new song, THE CLIMB. It suits my mood at the time of this posting. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm


    Hai kak Liza.. Me.. mded..

    Gud luck!..


  2. Hi mded...

    Thank you dear. You are so kind to read my original blog here. Such a special person you are :)

    Sekarang business kelapa sawit ke :)



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