Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am emotionally feeling down today, therefore I need to do some kind of a distraction. A few days back I was trying to locate my music library for Berlinda Carlisle, a famous pop singer in the 80s and 90s. I still remember I had her greatest compilation of hit songs starting from La Luna, Run Away Horses, We Want the Same Thing, Heaven is a Place on Earth and many more. I listened to these songs during my study days. She's such an inspiration. I love beautiful woman who has great talents and her kind of music is evergreen :)

I am searching in my music library for something soothing to console my soul in replacement of a box of ice-cream or a Cadbury chocolate in order to make me feel happy right now. No endorphines via food. Not when I am trying so hard to be like the Biggest Loser. My decision is to listen to good music and get swayed by it :)

I tried to think of great singers of the yesteryears to match Berlinda Carlisle's. Then I remember Tiffany. She's famous with All This Time. I wanted to find the music video of this song via You Tube, but a lot of other song entitled All This Time of the now came out. Not bad that I discovered Maria Mena and Michelle McManus. Mena is a young singer from Norway and Michelle is a UK based singer, winner of Pop Idol 2. They are great singers and their musics are worth listening to. I sure will get their original CDs soon :)

Such a refreshing music and it makes me feel much better. Enjoy!

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