Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What a challenging day yesterday. My car punctured twice in a week's time. Leaving me with no spare tyre to replace the second puncture. So I left my car at the petrol station to be at work on time.

Then my predicament started. I realised that it's just so difficult to find a taxi that will take me to work willingly. All refused to head to my work place, reason being, the traffic jam.! I had no choice but to take the bus. So I waited about 30 minutes for the bus to come. And I had to stand some more. Huhuhu... With my prim and proper attire plus three inch high-heels, I look so out of place. The Indonesian guy standing next to me were staring with one kind of a stare . I prayed to God, please let the bus speed up so that I will be off the bus asap.

Unfortunately, the bus didn't go to my office location. I had to go down halfway and take a cab. This time I managed to get a taxi with the condition that I agree not to use the meter. The taxi driver said, because of the jam and to cover the cost of returning without passenger, the fare is RM10 for a less than 5km ride. Oh dear... reasons, reasons, reasons.... I had to conform to the norm in order to survive this predicament. What ta heck.

Nothing in this world should bring your morning spirit down. The start of the day will determine the end, so it better be good. That's my mission and I had accomplished it with flying colours. I wore a mask that nobody knew what the trouble that I had to go through to be at work on time in one good smiling piece. Towards the end of the day, a magazine who's supposed to write stories about something else wanted to cover a story about myself in the Personality Page!

What a luck :)

Smile and the world will smile with you.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Register your participation here.

Treasure hunters... you all may want to join this hunt which focuses on environmental education. Symbolically teaching you about your carbon footprint, recycling and how you can actually contribute towards a Green Nation.

It is organised by MENGO (Malaysian Environmental NGO) and the COC (Clerk of Course) is Purple Antz. You may get more information by clicking to their respective websites. I won't tell so much about it.

Those who have never been to a treasure hunt before, you may want to try this. It does not involve any cars like usually done in a normal hunt. True to its name, Green Hunt, it requires participants to take on public transportation.

I would suggest students, families, executives, retirees and even physically challenged person to participate as this hunt is suitable for all walks of life. There are more than RM20, 000 worth of prizes to be won. Participation fee is only RM50 per person and proceeds from this income will go to MENGO fund for the continuation of their existance in research and as a voice of environmental sustainability in Malaysia.

When? 27th June 2009 (Saturday)
Where? Half Day Walk and LRT Hunt in Klang Valley only
Who? Families, Students, Physically Challenged, everyone!
How? Log on to MENGO

For more details, you may want to contact:
MENGO Support Unit
Unit 30-2, Jalan PJU 5/16
Dataran Sunway
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-6157 5708
Fax: +603-6157 6707
Person In-Charge: Mr. Awang Muzaiddin Ahat

Please show your support :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dire State of Blue

Fight no more. Hate no more. Troubles you bring unto your selves. The dire state of Blue. Sigh… I need to cool myself down. Anger is not victorious. Hence come this posting. Here goes…

Our planet is called the Blue Planet. Why? Because from out of space, it’s the clearest blue of all. The atmospheric layers and the 70% water that covers the earth, earth is like a blue orb. Imagine how small the land area is. Only 30% and not all of the 30% are habitual. Minus the mountains, the dense forests, the extreme of Arctic (North Pole), Antarctica (South Pole) and the extreme deserts. We occupy not halve of the above sea level land area.

With the world population of 6.7 billion as of May 2009, a data from US Census Bureau, we are fighting for our own survival on this planet. All of us are only one speck of dust compared to the massive scale of Earth and its organisms that co-exist. No one should ever think that they are exclusive. No one should ever think that they could do whatever they like because the power that they have. No one is saved.

If Mother Nature wants to wipe us all, in one second, it can happen. We can’t control the amount of death caused by the rage of nature. For example, the Asian Tsunami in December 2004 (wiped out an estimated 230, 210 people – Wikipedia.com), Hurricane Catrina in August 2005 (about 1,836 death - Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, April 18, 2006), Sichuan Earthquake in May 2008 (estimated death toll of 70, 000 – from Los Angeles Times, May 8, 2009). The positive side is we do not have to worry about over-population of the Earth. Mother Nature has its own control mechanics :)

Back to the statistics, something interesting I found and would like to share. In a year, this world celebrated about 137 million of human birth and we mourn about 56 million of human death. World population is increasing obviously. Since births outnumber deaths, the world's population is expected to reach about 9 billion by Year 2040. Find all the data here. Can’t be putting data without reference, right :)

We should look after the ecological balance of this world. If Earth loses its balance, we all will pay the consequences. Having said that, my point is, no power is mightier than nature itself. We must take great care. I fear the wrath. Do you not feel the same?

So what ails our Blue Planet? GLOBAL WARMING! Everyone, this is very urgent. All individuals, families, communities, states, countries and the whole wide world must be aware what Global Warming is all about. This is because Global Warming causes ecological imbalance which causes the melting of the ice in the south and north poles which will lead to decreasing of land area (the rest you can imagine), the increase of average world temperature which causes bush fire and over-heating to us (unpleasant to live in a hot pot), the extinction of certain species (like the polar bears), the spread of diseases and many more unexpected situations.

We should have all these knowledge because knowledge is power. With knowledge, comes change. I’ll be writing more about this topic of my interest :)

Note: Photo taken from www.ablueplanet.org.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovers' Impasse

This song sounds heartbreaking but somehow it makes me so happy :) Because I've done just that! Taking back my love and never ever going to give it back! Plus the throwing thingy as well. It feels great! The music makes you want to move your body, like you wish you are in a dance club at the moment. Letting go of your feelings and frustrations.

I am so happy for all my friends, i.e. Yoge, Josephine and Dinesh for getting married this year. I am so excited for Josephine that she has found her dream wedding venue. The bungalow is just perfect for her kind of wedding. After a month of headache searching for the right one, we found it at last. Thanks to Dinesh for sharing with me the contact. It's just perfect :)

Take a break everyone. True love is not material, not sex, nor external beauty. Think about it. Enjoy the song!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Good Read when You Need One

I am writing this at my parents' place. I seldom went home to stay overnight any more ever since I officially moved out in 2007. However, I made a point to go back home at least twice a month. My parents will surely miss me if I failed :)

I still have all my things in my room. One big wardrobe of my clothings, my desktop and my whole book collection which I didn't take with me due to no space to store them at the moment in my place.

Browsing through my book collections, I can see my all my favourite autors, i.e. Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Paulo Coelho, Steven King and many more. I pick up one book for I need it to kill time during my long wait for an important appointment. I wanted The Alchemist but realised that it's with my friend. Hmm... need to get it back.

The Alchemist is an easy read. A very short book with deep message that can last you a life time. For some of us, it could be a life changing knowledge when you come to understand how things work in this universe.

Lots of people have read it, I am sure. For those who have not, please run to the book shop to get a copy. You will never regret it :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am emotionally feeling down today, therefore I need to do some kind of a distraction. A few days back I was trying to locate my music library for Berlinda Carlisle, a famous pop singer in the 80s and 90s. I still remember I had her greatest compilation of hit songs starting from La Luna, Run Away Horses, We Want the Same Thing, Heaven is a Place on Earth and many more. I listened to these songs during my study days. She's such an inspiration. I love beautiful woman who has great talents and her kind of music is evergreen :)

I am searching in my music library for something soothing to console my soul in replacement of a box of ice-cream or a Cadbury chocolate in order to make me feel happy right now. No endorphines via food. Not when I am trying so hard to be like the Biggest Loser. My decision is to listen to good music and get swayed by it :)

I tried to think of great singers of the yesteryears to match Berlinda Carlisle's. Then I remember Tiffany. She's famous with All This Time. I wanted to find the music video of this song via You Tube, but a lot of other song entitled All This Time of the now came out. Not bad that I discovered Maria Mena and Michelle McManus. Mena is a young singer from Norway and Michelle is a UK based singer, winner of Pop Idol 2. They are great singers and their musics are worth listening to. I sure will get their original CDs soon :)

Such a refreshing music and it makes me feel much better. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you lose me...

"If you lose me then you know, you're just a bit too slow, I only go up!"
~The Saturdays in 'UP'~

In my experience of being in the rat race, I only believe that you give your best in order to get the best. You've got to stand out in the crowd in whatever that you are doing. That's the only way, no exception to the rules. This world is no place for mediocre. It's either you be on top or be at the bottom. Being in between means you don't know what you want in life and you are close to nothing.

Why do I say this? Because I just got fed up with people who has no ambitions or people who are scared to wish for the stars . I'm sick with people who give reasons for their failure. I loath, those who are complacent and happily satiated with whatever that is coming their way. Even when things go smoothly for them, they don't even bother to appreciate it. Until everything is taken away. Then, come the self pity. Blame it to the other person and bla bla bla... I will say, MOVE ON.

In my line of work, I have opened up a lot of opportunities for other people to move along with me. I love to see progress in people for their own survival. Nothing for me to gain but I expect commitments and enthusiasms that match my own. No doubt it's not as easy as ABC. But hey, every success comes with a price, isn't it. Take the opportunity and give the best. That's all the requirement is. Was it so hard to do? No, right. But people being people who have many kinds of excuses and attitudes will always think otherwise. Do doubt I am really mad at this moment.

What more can I say. If you lose me, then you know, it's your own doing. I do not conform to anybody who is trying to bring me down. For now, I only go up.

You are your own destiny. No one can help you.

Friday, May 08, 2009


I had the honour to participate in MIHAS 2009 this year. It was launched by our Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This is due to one of the group subsidiary company participated in the showcase of Halal food during the exhibition.

What is the definition of HALAL? Some of the non-Muslim surely have asked this.

Answer taken from Mihas website: In the Quran, the holy book and guide for all Muslims, there exists verses that call for Muslims to seek provisions that are ‘halalan toyibban’. The English equivalent for this phrase would mean lawful and wholesome. Therefore, halal is actually about everything from the food we consume to the businesses we conduct to the transactions we perform in our daily lives. It is the responsibility of a Muslim to ensure that what he practices and consumes is clean, hygienic and not detrimental to either his health or his well-being. Halal is an all encompassing concept which encourages a Muslim to seek and use products, ventures and services that promote cleanliness in all aspects of a person’s -that a product or service is safe for consumption, produced in a clean environment and health. Halal is the next benchmark for quality. Read more here.

Hadhari Catle Industry Sdn Bhd is now under the same group of company that I am attached with at the moment. So I had the chance to learn more of this business in the Marketing side. Hmm... very interesting. I realised how big the market for Halal Food is. It's not just for the Muslim, for the non-Muslim too because similarly to the Jews which they called it Kosher Food, is clean and save for everyone. That's the upper most teaching of Islam.

Hadhary Catle first operated in 2006 is now growing faster than a baby could walk. Malaysia as the World Halal Hub has helped a lot in promoting this business. At the MIHAS 2009 International Trade Exhibition, you will see more of the catle produce from Hadhari Industry and all can have a taste of Hadhari Beef as our Executive Chef Faizal from The Summit Hotel Subang USJ and his team are working hard at the Halal Kitchen. You can find them at Booth No. D58 - D65.

Hadhari Industry has brought Celebrity Chef Ismail to do cooking demonstrations and giving tips in cooking different types of beef. Don't miss the chance to taste what Chef Ismail has in store for the visitors. He will be at the Hadhari Food booth from today, 8th-10th May'09.

Try the special Hadhari Burger for RM3 a piece and you can also buy the beef produce available at the booth. Anything beef that you can think of, it's there for the taking. I begin to learn different types of beef and from which part of the catle they come from; like the ribeye, tenderloin, hotpot, striploin sinews, highrib and etc. There are different types of sausage and salami, different type of burger meat as well. Real burger meat without much fat in it. Amazing! It's educational for food enthusiast. Many types of steak meat to test your cooking ability as well.

How I wish I could be a great cook. Not my forte, though :)

International participation this year is very encouraging. You may learn a lot of halal product coming from countries like Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Republic of Serbia, Tunisia, UK and many more. Learn of their products and you will see how big the market is. Halal is not just the food. It includes, healthcare and beauty products as well.

Decorum Everyone!

What happened in Perak State last night and even since the last election makes me sick! I avoided writing about it because I hate politics and I don't want to tarnish my blog with sick political stories of our now to become sick society. Will you all just stop acting like we were born without proper decorum and ill background. Like we were never taught of good manners, respects and tolerance. Urggg.... there goes my frustrations :(

In regardless of what your political beliefs are, the thumb rule is, 'GIVE RESPECT-EARN RESPECT'. Decorum everyone!!! How can you be a future leader if you yourselves can't set a good example for the society. Do you think you fit the shoes you want to wear? Or was it a size bigger than your own feet. Answer this simple question and you know your credibility. Stop making fun of our country to others in the name of power and your own political agenda. I am so so so sick. It's damaging everyone of us. It's making me want to puke to see what happened on TV last night.

I think our society need to look into other areas of life that will generate positive thinking and healthy lifestyle. Look at our global warming for example. Everyone need to care for Mother Earth. Our government should impose more environmental friendly rules and regulations in all areas concern. Make it our priority now! It's getting hot in here. Weather changes have triggered unpredictable floods and droughts. No political powers in the world can save us if Mother Earth is destroyed. Who can go against nature wrath? Don't you see the urgency.

Our world is changing therefore we move in line with the changes in a positive way. Enough with political battle, wear your thinking head for matters like, health research, children education, conservation of the environment, elimination of poverty, empowering of the disabled people or OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) and many other battles in this life that is vital in sustaining our existence in this world of evanescent.

STOP NEGATIVITY. Use your time to the best of all things that will generate love, happiness, unity and stability. How will you be able to do this? Simple.

Think positive, and the outcome will be positive. Think happy, you get happy. Think love, you get love. Fill up your time with positive activities. For example this weekend is very significant to most of us. It's going to be Wesak Day on the 9th and Mother's Day Celebration on the 10th. For a family activity and education, you may go for the Lupus Event as per my previous posting. Show that you care. Our children will follow this good example. And you can also go for the MIHAS 2009 Exhibition at Matrade. Something educational and may be a business opportunity for some.

Tons of activities that is healthier for your well being and family can be done if only you will it to happen :)

Note: Photo courtesy of Tourism Malaysia

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Butterfly rash - common indicator of lupus (photo courtesy of MedicineNet.inc)

What is LUPUS? I am sure many of you out there are not aware of what LUPUS is. I myself only came to know about lupus last year when my colleague told me that her friend is suffering from an unknown disease that makes her weak and sick without knowing exactly what it is. Later she made a research on this matter and we have been talking about it.

A few months later, miraculously an association came to approach me, i.e. Lupus Malaysia to help support their event. Then, I remember about my colleague's friend and I did more research to understand it further. If not because of that, I would have not known about this type of sickness at all.

So what is LUPUS? Lupus is an autoimmune disease characterized by acute and chronic inflammation of various tissues of the body. Autoimmune diseases are illnesses that occur when the body's tissues are attacked by its own immune system. In a layman term, Lupus is a type of sickness that has no cure at the moment as we do not know in particular the cause or the right medicine to eliminate it from attacking one's body ammunition system. Read more here.

The easiest way and the most common symptom to identify lupus is the butterfly rash. A kind of red rash that appears on the nose and spreads like butterfly wings on the face. The rash is not itchy like pimples. It can be treated and healed without scars. However, lupus is a chronic disease, not to be taken lightly. Other common symptoms are joint pain, fatigue with no reasons, fever, photosensitive (sensitive of sunlight) and even hair loss.

Everyone has their own immune system that will fight diseases automatically via natural antibody. With lupus, your antibody will attack healthy tissues unrelated to any diseases. It can cause you problems of the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, joints and even your nervous system (brain). Well... I am trying to explain this is a layman term because the article that I've read seems complicated enough and boring for some :)

The sad thing about lupus is that we do not know the exact cause of this disease. And we do not have an exact medication to treat the patient. I was amazed to know that some patients have to be wheelchair bound because their joints were too week to function anymore. Direct exposure to the sun will make the disease even worst for the patient. That leads Lupus Malaysia to organised the Walk-a-Payung on December, 14th 2008. With that event, I think a lot of Malaysians came to know about lupus.

In support of another of their event, I would like to urge all Malaysians to attend to their "Colours of Hope" children's art event as the following:

Date: 9th May 2009, Saturday
Event: COLOURS OF HOPE - Art event to mark PSLEM's World Lupus Day 2009
Venue: Ground Floor, Promanade (in front of Burger King & TGIF), 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Website: www.lupusmalaysia.org
Contact: 03-7957 7672/013-383 8644

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Climb

Looking back about a year ago, I was living in a dream. I imagined myself to be with someone that I love and willing to let go of my personal interest in life for the love of giving. I never wanted anything more but to be with THE ONE. I believe in THE ONE in regardless of what people preach or say to me. My mind says, home is where my heart is. I am still in that state of hard-to-believe naivety. Nothing will ever change that. However, my direction and enthusiasm towards life have changed. All for the better!

I began blogging when I first bought a laptop and a digital camera. The reason being, I wanted to be always up-to-date with technology and be independent in doing my own business conveniently. True to my plan, I achieved all that with flying colours. I never knew about blogger.com or blogspot at the beginning. All I know is that, I spend a lot of my time reading and I wish so badly to be able to put my thoughts into words like those successful authors that touches the hearts of millions. I feel things intensely which sometimes turns to pain. It would be a stress-relief to be able to channel it out somewhere.

After almost living life as a failure previously, or only in my mind, I thought myself as one (wrong mentality), I rise again to be at the top. Lucky enough in this life, God gives you second chance for everything. The choice is yours to take and I am taking it. Time that has been wasted for indefinite causes, now being utilised to the fullest. Not all of my loved ones understand my doings. I don't expect them to. Won't give explanation as well. That's my own choice and am responsible to my own action. Questioning me would make me mad.

I am building back my self, rebranding it to the next level. My inner side has been reformed. The gear has been set high. I need a compatible engine to match up the speed. Therefore I have done some upgrading. Limited resources teaches me to improvise here and there. Oh well... Patience is the word.

No one should understand this posting. This is my own ranting of a messy heart. For now it makes me erase my facebook and multiply account. I found it irritating and anoying at the moment. I need to disappear for awhile. Try find me :)

Listen to Miley Cyrus folks. She's cute and can pass as beautiful young lady soon, marvellous and just genius with her new song, THE CLIMB. It suits my mood at the time of this posting. Enjoy!


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