Monday, April 06, 2009

Keep the Magic Secret

I love Sundays and Tuesdays because I would wait infront of the TV to watch Merlin, a fantasy series featured in TV3 and Astro Hallmark Channel 702 right now in Malaysia.

Recent episode that really captured my attention was the 'The Labyrinth of Gedref' a story about a mythical animal I always adore, the UNICORN. Well actually not exactly a unicorn story, but related to it. It's more like a curse of a unicorn.

I love horses, and unicorn is like a fantasy ultimate horse of mine. It is a legend or it is a fantasy. Nobody knows. But a unicorn stories will never ceased to enchant me :)

It is said that a unicorn horn has many magical powers to cure illnesses exist in this world. The horn was called 'alicorn', very sought after in ancient time. They say, if the animal did not exist, how come the horn exist. You may read here for more of the alicorn existence. Some extra knowledge for you :)

However, to get an alicorn is not an easy task. You have to capture the unicorn first and the only way is while it lay asleep in the lap of a virgin. Unicorn will only appear to the the purest of hearts, therefore only a true virgin will be able to lure it near and a hunter who lurks behind secretly will shoot an arrow to its tragic death in the name of it's magical horn. Ahhh... No matter how you may twist and turn, retold or rewrite the story, it will always sounds so romantic. Isn't it :)

That is why poets and artists relating unicorn with romantic love.

Back to Merlin. I am a sucker when it comes to epic and fantasy movies. Anything to do with Merlin, King Arthur, The Chalice, Excalibur, Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, Camelot, Lady of the Lake and especially Unicorn; I shall have an interest towards it. Those who read history and fantasies, will understand :)

In my opinion, Merlin kind of series is very suitable for family watch. It has a lot of moral values that is good to develop children's understanding of good and evil, family and foe, rich and poor. It has all the elements of life explained in an entertaining manner that most of us can understand. Everyone knows that it is a fantasy, but still it is very inspiring and intriguing enough to make you want to watch every episode. I wonder if I am the only one. Hehehe :)

"When one proves he is pure of heart, the
unicorn will live again" - Merlin Episode 11

Note: Pictures taken from Wikipedia, Scifi and Carania Island website page.

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