Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you'r a loser, you'r a winner!

Sam Rouen, 20-year old winner of The Biggest Loser series: 154.8kg to 82.9kg

Michelle Aguilar, 27-year-old, winner of The Biggest Loser series: 110kg to 50kg

Last weekend was a very long one for me because I took a day off on Monday just to rest myself after a very long weekend previously. It was like sleeping, eating, and reading, sleeping, eating and reading all over again like a cycle.

I went out only once, to check on my parents on Sunday and came back home to continue sleeping, eating and reading. My Goodness, I can’t believe that I can sleep so long. It felt unhealthy not moving my body enough. It makes me feel FAT!

That’s the subject of this posting. Our weight obsession. In three days that I was resting at home, like a bear going into hibernation, every now and then, I will wake up from my long slumber and stood in front of the mirror. I looked at myself all over to check if I had gained any extra pounds. Lately I’ve been engaging myself too much into reading weight related materials and additional to that, I watched ‘The Biggest Loser’ series in Hallmark Channel which I found very interesting.

I locked myself in my room, watching tv like an addict but for me it’s a good thing. I believe in tv education. Switching on to other channels, surprisingly more on obesity. Discovery Channel showed ‘Extreme Bodies’. It’s about how far a human body can take to the extreme. One subject was an ex-sumo wrestler who put on weight simply because the nature of sumo sport that requires you to be heavy. However, after retirement, the ex-sumo wrestler is risking his own health with obesity. Oprah Show at 8 o’clock showed the same issue but tackling it differently via the right way of healthy living.

By Sunday, I had finished reading a fiction entitled ‘All of Me’, about an African American woman who had tried to commit suicide due to her failure in life and her struggle to lose weight to fit into the weight conscious society which affected her career in broadcasting.

I think in within three days of hibernation, I had covered all things obesity. Educational and inspirational tv series and a touching story from a book. My Goodness, the knowledge amazes me and at the same time it bothers my peace of mind.

Every human being wants to be beautiful. Being girls or boys, women or men, once in awhile we wanted to be appreciated or admired for our physical beauty. It feels great when someone came to you and says how nice you look in your new dress or new shirt, isn’t it. Have you ever complimented anyone who’s obese for looking nice? No, right. I am talking about being fat aka obese. Chubby, plump, curvy or rounded sometimes do not fall into obese category. They are just as pretty and cute on some people :)

We say beauty should be from within and it will show through the outside. We say a lot of comforting things about being beautiful is about being true to yourself. It’s not your physical that counts but your heart and bla bla bla…. Doesn’t matter what your size is. Bulshit! Being human, the truth is, beauty is seen from the eyes of the beholder and most of the time, your eyes have a standard shape and size of what to be called beauty or pleasant to see. We are talking about normal human being, not those who think they are into a different category of above average kind or abnormal human being. Hehehe…

So back to being obese. It is very sad. No one wants to be fat. You will lose self esteem and you are jeopardizing your own health. Obesity means, diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory complications and so on. Pushing your body to the extreme will make your body system go haywire. It’s like a machine that has been overheated and burned out. It means you are cutting your own chances of good and happy life.

Obesity happens in my family as well. It’s not easy to tackle the issue when you love that person to pieces. You can tell them to slim down but it is not easy to slim down without a life style change. I know this well enough. You can’t say much to an obese person unless you will hurt their gentle feelings and no point of being cruel towards another just because they don’t fit into your ideal shape or size.

All I have to say here is that, exercise regularly and eat modestly are two main ingredients of living a happy and healthy life.

Like I always said, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

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