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This is a video made by A non-profit organisation that is running a campaign to educate teenagers in America against 'Dating Abuse', following to the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown'. I supported this campaign and I think Malaysia should have this kind of campaign too.

These are facts you should know about DATING ABUSE taken from New Beginnings a Women's Crisis Centre based in Belknap County, US:

What is Dating Abuse / Violence?
Dating violence is physical, sexual, emotional, and/or verbal abuse between persons who are now, or have been in the past, in a casual or serious dating relationship.

What to do if your friend is being abused...
  1. BE THERE - Listen to your friend.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE THE ABUSE - Let your friend know that you are concerned.
  3. ASSESS THE DANGER. Ask your friend if s/he feels safe?
  4. REMIND - Your friend of her/his strengths
  5. IDENTIFY - Options and resources.
  6. EMPHASIZE - That the abuse is not your friend's fault.

What not to do if your friend is being abused!
  1. Don't ignore your friend or say you'll only be a friend if s/he leaves the abusiverelationship.
  2. Don't put down the abuser. Your friend may still care about their partner.
  3. Don't talk to your friend about the abuse in front of her/his partner; it may not be safe for your friend to talk about it.
  4. Don't tell your friend what to do.
  5. Don't blame your friend!

In a healthy relationship, each person is entitled to:
  1. Have their needs be as important as their partner's needs.
  2. Be able to voice their feelings, thoughts and opinions.
  3. Be free from emotional, sexual, verbal, and physical abuse at all times.
  4. Spend time with their friends and family and not feel pressured by their partner's jealousy.
  5. Live without fear and confusion from their partner's anger.
  6. Be treated with respect and never called names.
  7. Negotiate conflict and make decisions about the relationship together.
  8. Enjoy each others' dreams.

If you are or have been abused, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
  1. The abuse is not your fault.
  2. Perpetrators are always responsible for their actions. Approximately 30% of teenagers will experience violence in their dating relationships.
  3. Relationship violence occurs among every race, ethnic group, sexual orientation and socio-economic level. The US Bureau of Statistics reports that 95% of assaults in relationships are committed by males.
  4. If it feels scary, it is abuse.
  5. Get some help and support for yourself!

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend...
  1. Tell you what to wear?
  2. Isolate you from friends and/or family?
  3. Say who you can or cannot talk to?
  4. Threaten you with force, words or weapons?
  5. Get Extremely Jealous over just about anything?
  6. Call you Names, Swear, or Yell at you?
  7. Make you perform sexual acts that you do not enjoy?
  8. Make you feel there is no way out of the relationship?
More for you reading pleasure here.

Be it MENTAL abuse, VERBAL abuse, PHYSICAL abuse or SEXUAL abuse. You must GET OUT! That's the message and I would like to share it with all of you precious soul out there. THE ABUSER and THE ABUSED. Please STOP IT and GET THE HELL OUT of it!

My personal statement:
"I hate men who lay hands on women in regardless of what their reasons are".

No one should get away with abusing. They should live their life in guilt and cast out from the society for their own stupid sins. We should not give them what so ever pity, second chance or believe in their act of repentance, on what so ever reasons. You are responsible for your own action. Dare to do it, dare to pay for it. Period.

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