Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dance Your Age Away

I love dancing. It's the liberation of you mind and spirit with the movement of your body following streams of sound. I just love to dance. It doesn't matter what moves you can make. Just move your body. Follow the rhythm.

During my visit to the Old Folk's Home in Kajang last February, I was touched with the spirit of these golden aged people. How they seem to enjoy dancing so much. They can sing and dance to the music truthfully. Entertaining us with their performances. I was truly humble and touched. My heart was bursting with emotions :)

I wonder, what my old age would be. Would I find a partner that will grow old together? Would he dance with me forever? Would he understand the importance of sharing and caring through tick and thin?

I just wonder, would I have children that will take good care of me or would I end up being dumped in an old folk's home like these people. Living my golden years with strangers. Waiting day in and day out for visitors to cheer me up during a charity visit. Ooo... so painful to event think about.

My parents brought me up in a very conservative manner. I grew up under a strict supervision of my mother. She would insist us girls to take care of our skin, our appearance and our conduct in front of other people. She said, being girls, we must always look pretty so that we will get a good husband. We were taught good manners as a Malay girl should be. Never to shout to people, always bow low when walking in front of older folks, kiss the elderly hands to show respect and always treat our neighbours kindly. These are the Malay culture I grew up with.

My parents are in their 60s now. They are still together and alhamdullillah, still healthy. I am thankful to my parents for giving me all the necessary education needed in life. I have a good career and a good life now. Being an independent metropolitan girl, I am no longer living with them due to my career. Whenever, I visited them, I see how time flies. They are no longer strong like before. Their skin have more wrinkles and pigmentation. My heart aches. It's making me sad. How many more years will I have with them? Huhuhu... I reminded myself never to abandon my parents like what I see in the old folk's home. I don't want to be ungrateful daughter or 'Anak Derhaka'. Whatever goes around, comes around. Your deeds in the past will come back to you. That's what we call Karma.

Back to the old folk's at the Old Folk's Home in Kajang. I love to see them dancing. They put big smile to my face. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I realised that no matter how dire the circumstances are, we still have hope. Never to lose hope if that's the only thing that keeps us alive. The littlest thing is the thing that matters. I want to dance like that, when I grow old. My partner shall never say no when it comes to dancing with me :)

Have a nice day folk!

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