Wednesday, February 04, 2009

OX YEAR - Lucky is Me

Lucky Gold Coin for the Year of the Ox from Weighton Coins Wonder

Today, 4th February marks the first day of a New Year of the Ox, the year I was born :)

I am a person who likes to learn other people's culture for the joy of understanding and for self empowerment. No harm in learning because knowledge is power. What you do with it is what differentiate us, human being.

Even when all of us are busy thinking of the uncertain economy situation for this year. Most of us are worried about our own survival for 2009. Myself, I started 2009 with a blast. And I hope it will end with a blast too. Now in Chinese culture, New Year supposed to be celebrated on the first day of Spring which falls on the 4th February 2009 (different day each year). It is called Lap Chun. You may do your own research on Lap Chun. I don't want to elobarately explain it here. Let the Chinese tell you what it is, ya :)

What I wanted to share here is that a lot of people told me that you can stand an egg on end during Lap Chun, or the first day of Spring. I was at one of the hotel in Damansara Heights having an event with Lion Dance performance there. Myself and two of my big bosses were talking about it. I told them that I've seen photos of the egg stand on its end with nothing to support it in many publications in the past. Then suddenly it clicked in all three of us to give it a try.

Photo taken from

It was around 11.50 a.m. I tried, it didn't work. Then my boss tried, it didn't work. By 11.55 a.m.-12.00 noon my Group GM tried, and without effort, the egg stood! I was totally in shock. All of us, in fact smiling to ears. I was so happy, clapping hands like children. Then it dropped down within less than 10 seconds. Not enough time to snap photos to post it here as a proof. Sigh...

We've tried to do it again afterwards, but it just didn't stand. It is said that it can only stand a few moments during equinox when the sun stood directly align with the earth axis of north and south pole. Meaning, the earth will get equal amount of night and day. The explanation is that, during equinox, the pull of gravity is stronger, so the egg easily can stand. You all can read about it to understand better.

May be you all can also try to get the egg stand. Who knows you might be able to do it. I believe you can. But it is easier during equinox, may be. I will definitely try it again next year and take photos as a record :)

Today is my Lucky Day :)


  1. Hi Liza, I was googling Bt Tabur and i came to ur blog. Ur night climb looks amazing! I would love to do that with my friends too.

    Just some questions:
    Do we need a guide?
    Is the route really clearly seasoned?
    Any climbing equipment needed?

    Ive never been to Bt Tabur. But i've hiked and trekked a few mountains so trekking is fine.

    Sorry to bombard you with so many questions! =)


  2. Hi Karen,

    Glad to know that my blog is some kind of an assistant to you.

    Answering your questions:
    1. Guide is not compulsory to go to Bukit Tabur, however, for a first timer to go there is advisable to have a guide to show you the track and on a precaution measures, some part of the hill is quite challenging and dangerous. There are many cases of falling.

    2. The route is well seasoned, but there are two ways of climbing. Via the orchard and another one which is nearer to the reservoir gate.

    3. You do not need special equipment to climb. Just a bag pack with drinks and ration for the day. If you intend to spend the night there, just pack on your sleeping bag, mat and cooking stove. It is advisable to climb very early in the morning or night time, because the heat was unbearable over there. The trees are stunted because of the limestone and soil condition.

    Good Luck!

  3. thanks a lot! planning to go next weekend=)



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