Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hawaiian Night and Unwind

From Left: El, Myself, Azwan Ali and Yasmin
Amboi.. Amboi.. Amboi... Azwan Ali the most controversial, outspoken, outrageous, happening and famous celebrity in Malaysia

I had a great time last year climbing one of the hardest mountain in Malaysia, i.e. Chamah Ulu Sepat in the border of Kelantan and Perak. Will write about this expedition in my next posting. The 7-day expedition started during Christmas time and ended right on the New Year Eve Celebration. Lucky that I had time to celebrate New Year 2009 with my dear friends. It was a perfect closure of 2008.

And 2009 began with a bang as well with lots of happening events. I had a blast time, Staff Annual Dinner party of one of our hotel in Damansara Heights. The theme was Hawaiian Night. So everyone were sporting enough to lighten the event with beautiful floral island of the sea kind of thingy. You know... Trying our level best to bring Hawaii to Malaysia. Hahaha...

As always, Azwan Ali, best friend to my colleague, Yasmin were the MC of the night. It spiced up the night even more with the presence of Paper Dolls imitating Sharifah Aini, Aishwarya Rai and a belly dancer. The photos are too sexy to post here :)

I had great time... we partied all night long, leaving behind all sorrows and pain, welcoming the New Year with bright thoughts and positive thinking.


  1. Sorry to be so "darat" but which hotel is that in Damansara Height?

  2. Salam Pok Ku...

    No problem, this hotel is called Peninsula Residence All Suite Hotel, right opposite of CIMB Building that had the land slide recently :)



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