Saturday, January 17, 2009

Small Hand that Matters

MERCY Malaysia appeals to the public to donate to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND

We've heard it everyday, we've seen gruesome images of the victims, we read opinions of every parties in the world. BUT HOW CAN WE DO MORE???

People just wait, wait, wait.... People just watch, watch, watch... People just argue, argue, argue... Blame, blame, blame.... silent, silent, silent... don't care and even blaming or some might laugh! I wonder who dare to laugh in this matter of life and death. Could be a person with a heart made of stone! A person who should one day live alone with no friends and family. Then that person will learn the meaning of humanity and compassion towards others.

As we all busy with our own lives planning for our next holidays or maybe planning on how to spend our bonuses as most will get it this Chinese New Year, please do not forget others that are not so fortunate in this world. The Blue Planet is home to all of us in regardless of continents, countries, states and whatever division we have made. Mother Earth is dying with global warming. Let's not make it more unbearable with war among human race.

The situation in Palestine. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!

I salute those few who dare to come to the fore and make the difference. The least all of us could do is give support and prayer to those who had the compassion to act. One of the organisation that I have great respect and supported since the 2003 Iraq War and the 2004 Asian Tsunami is MERCY MALAYSIA. I have great admiration to Y. Bhg. Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood the President and founder of Mercy Malaysia. She's one great hero of mine!

The Photo and Story in RED are taken from THE STAR ONLINE
Dr Jemilah, who returned from Rafah, Egypt, yesterday, told a press conference that the Security Council and leaders should be held accountable for the Israeli aggression and massacre in Gaza.
She was with Mercy‘s three-member logistics team which went to the Egyptian border
town on Dec 31 to assess the situation and deliver US$100,000 (RM360,000) worth of medical supplies.
“We have witnessed children being shot in the head by sniper fire. You can say that you bombed a building and there’s collateral damage but when you target kids (with) bullet holes in their chest and their heads, this is not collateral damage,” she said.
“It is now a question of accountability and I think we need to hold (world) leaders and the Security Council accountable to this.”
Dr Jemilah slammed the international community for taking too long to act, while the death toll and the injured increased daily.
(taken from

Jan 12, 2009

On Dec 28, Gaza Strip was ravaged by a brutal assault by Israeli forces that left most of its 1.5 million people unable to access its most basic rights – including medical supplies. Hospitals, bursting at the seams, find it difficult to cope as infrastructure was destroyed by bombings.

MERCY Malaysia initiated an emergency response assessment team on the 30th December 2008 to Egypt in response to the humanitarian crisis which has killed about 900 people and wounded close to 4,000. One third is children, and the number is rising.

As a result of generous contribution by the public, MERCY Malaysia has to date managed to push through more than 50 tonnes of medicines and medical equipment. MERCY Malaysia has also procured four ambulances and a mobile blood bank unit – expected to be ready between 10 and 14 days. MERCY Malaysia is awaiting permission to send highly-qualified surgeons into Gaza and have 20 volunteer surgeons on standby.

We appeal to concerned Malaysians to send in cash donations.

MERCY Malaysia's basis of assistance to the beneficiaries relies on the support and generosity of individuals such as you to contribute to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND.

It will support our efforts to procure emergency surgical kits, additional medicine and hospital equipment which will be channeled to the affected communities in Gaza.

PALESTINE RELIEF FUND Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053

For more information please contact 03-2273 3999 or email MERCY at

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