Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mount Bunga Buah-Berangan

From Left: Apit, Ti, Baung, Azizah, Forever Yours and Mahfiz
Courtesy of Mahfiz's camera

A true friend is one soul in two bodies. ~ Aristotle ~
People say, nobody should live alone in this world. We need at least a friend or a family to support us emotionally if not financially. Hahaha... that is out of the subject.

My posting this time is not about the summit that I've recently conquered. It is more about the journey that brought bonding of friendship that goes stronger because of hardship. This is also a mountain story but not of 'Mount of Agony'. This one is called Mount of Bunga Buah-Berangan :)

Unlike my previous sojourn to Mount Chabang, I shared a tale of suffering while climbing one of the toughest mountain in my list as per that moment. The next mountain was Mount Bunga Buah or Mount Flower of Fruits (direct translation in English) in Genting Highland, Pahang. This one tells a different side of mountaineering story :)

Here goes....

Azizah & I taking a break 30 minutes away from the peak. Beautiful view at the back :)

The rest of the gang, arriving a few minutes after us. More at the back. We were always infront :)
Mount Bunga Buah was only 1,500 meters in heights. To go there, you may just park your car half way at the entrance near the road leading up to Genting Highland. Then take a walk using the old paved road that is now covered with all sorts of vegetations and swarmed with leeches. Yikes!!

Generally speaking this mountain was the easiest to climb. The trek was fair, going up and down giving you a variety of feelings. The weather was cold at the time we were there; it was around 21-14 degree Celsius because of the constant rain from day of trekking till the wee hours and till morning and till we got back to the starting point at 1.15 p.m. Sigh…. Mahfiz was diligently checking on the temperature from time to time :)

The most memorable thing about the climb was Buah Berangan or Chestnuts in English, bought by Azizah at the Genting Sempah rest area. It was our savior because we were mentally down due to growling stomach and uneven ground to sleep on. We were out of food supply. We were trekking non-stop, skipping lunch. We ate at 6.30 p.m. and we were not motivated to even go to the peak which was only 5 minutes away! Huh! The Chestnuts which were forgotten earlier lifted our spirit and woken our gastronomical senses. Thank God!

We were like nuts talking under the fly sheets. Because our eyes just can’t be closed with the condition we were in. We were angry for we were hungry and the stories kept us going. Buah Berangan which we ate divided equally to all, helped us drifted to a dreamless sleep for awhile. Then heavy rain came at 4.00 a.m. to leave us sleepless again till morning came because we were wet with drops of water coming through the non-water proofed fly sheet. Sigh…

The next morning… due to sleepless night, we decided to pack up early and shoot down without going to the peak which was only 5 minutes away. For Azizah and me, this was not our first time climbing Mount Bunga Buah, so I was not motivated to reach the peak as well. Surprisingly, Mahfiz, Apit and Baung all agreed not to go too because all of us were not motivated by the night’s ordeal.

However, after breakfast, our spirit started to soar just like when we first started to climb. We were back to our jolly selves but still stick to our decision not to go to the peak this time. We will repeat next time in a better condition. We headed down fast enough to catch up with our next agenda, i.e. to visit Azizah’s new apartment :)

The three of us missing Mie because he was not with us in this trip :)

The moral of the story here was that, when we go through hardship together, we become closer to the person who shared it with us. Through hardship, we get to know each other better. And through hardship we learn to appreciate little things we do not usually care in our every day’s lives. Hardship is good once in awhile. It kept us grounded and more humble.

That’s all folks. Till the next posting, I want to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

Mwah! Mwah!


  1. Liza, wah rajin betul berkembara...teruskan aktiviti panjat gunung..i dunno whether i've the strength (mental and physical) left to do what u do..hehe its been too long time since gunung jerai days..BTW happy new years hope you achieved your 2008 targets.

    my blog have changed.

  2. Hi Razif,

    Patutlah I heran kenapa tak dapat masuk your blog address. Ingat you dah delete :)

    I love the jungle too much to ever stop hiking. Yes, I have achieved 90% of my wish for 2008. Now I am so excited to see what has in store for me in 2009. I am taking diving next!



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