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SKY WHAT?... Sky Fruit Babe :)

This is Sky Fruit babe...

Having great interest in botany, my family always search for special herbs for remedies of ailments. We have been practicing natural cure, alternative to modern medicines since as long as I can remember. If can be avoided, we do not go to hospitals. Since child, I had great interest in knowing what nature could offer and always it leaves me amazed and full of wonder of the greatness of creation.

In my journey to happiness celebrating Eid Festival in north part of Malaysia, namely Kedah and Perlis, my sister pointed to me a tree which my father explained as mahogany. It is a type of timbre tree that is widely sought after for furniture industry for it has a wonderful wood colour of reddish brown. My father recognised the tree immediately for he has been in the logging business before in Borneo (but not anymore, ya). My sister told him, that it is called Sky Fruit Tree or in Malay, Pokok Buah Tunjuk Langit. She said, a lot of people who knew of the tree will go and get the fruits for its medicinal value.

What interests me the most, however is the name of the fruit, i.e. Sky Fruit or Buah Tunjuk Langit. Why is it so-called? Then I see the answer clearly with no assistance. The fruits all pointed up to the sky and it only appear at the shoots, clustering at the end of each branch. True to its name, Sky Fruit shoots up skywards. A good name and very suiting, isn’t it :)

We were so lucky that it was the time of the year when the fruits were maturing. It has a unique shape as you can see in the photos. When it is matured, the fruit will split and all the seeds will fly like a helicopter fan, flying away following the wind. Actually, botanically speaking, this is how big trees spread their genetics to other places and territory. See the logic :) The intelligence of God’s creation. I took one seed from the ground and demonstrated to my nephews and only niece, how the seed spins in the air like a helicopter wing. They all learned something interesting that day :)

Then my mother started nagging for my sister to show her where she can pick up the fruits in quantity. We were lucky because we found that many roadsides in Kedah actually were planted with mahogany to give shades. This is done during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s time, our 4th Prime Minister. He has this vision of planting timbre trees along stretches of highways and streets for its timbre as well as preserving timbre species and future supply. For example, you may notice Teak or 'Pokok Jati' (a type of timbre tree for furniture) being planted along the North-South Highway. Apart from landscaping purposes, it is also planted for research and timbre harvest. Another kind of intelligence from a person I most admired. During his rein, a lot of progress and new ideas came into our landscaping scene :)

Back to Sky Fruit (scientific name: Swietenia macrophylla), it has a tremendous amount of medicinal value. You may read it in the internet search of this fruit later and be amazed by it. It is almost like a magic fruit :) To keep it short, here is a cut and paste miracle explanation of SKY FRUIT:

"In 1996, a team of renowned American biochemists had encountered a major discovery during their research that there are abundant of Flavonoids (found in Citrus, Gingko, Tea and Red Wine) and Saponins (found in Ginseng and has a bitter taste) in SKY FRUIT." Info from

Flavonoids have antioxidant activity. Flavonoids are becoming very popular because they have many health promoting effects. Some of the activities attributed to flavonoids include: anti-allergic, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. The flavonoids quercetin is known for its ability to relieve hay fever, eszema, sinusitis and asthma. Taken from this site.

Saponins have many health benefits. Studies have illustrated the beneficial effects on blood cholesterol levels, cancer, bone health and stimulation of the immune system. Read more at this site.

Needless to say more. Here are the summary of the benefits:

- Revitalize sex drive
- Revitalize energy
- Increase strength
- Rebuild tissues
- Increase pregnancy rate
- Supporting healthy energy
- Reactivate cells
- Beauty agent
- Anti-aging
- Strengthen stomach, heart, lungs, liver, spleen
- Replenish blood and strengthen arteries
- Regulate blood sugar
- Restore healthy heart and brain, etc.

Now do you see why it is called MAGIC FRUIT!


  1. Anonymous10:26 am


    Can you help Msians to raise voice / highlight this issue to MP.
    Case of mat rempit (robbers riding motorcycle) with molesting, curi /rompak, pukul ; why never brought this issue to parliament and request PDRM to have major breakdown and operasi. Include this issue in Pakatan Rakyat first general meeting.


    Thank You very much

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for stopping by reading my blog. I am very sorry with what the good people had experienced in our country of late. All this mat rempit, snatch theft and etc.

    I am sure many bloggers out there is writing and fighting for a good cause. In my case, I am doing whatever that I do best in my blog, i.e writing about unity, love, nature and animals in a peaceful way :)

    Have a nice day and thank you for sharing :)

  3. Salam Liza,

    I link your blog from mine, hope you don't mind. If you have free time visit my blog. :=)

  4. hadie2:31 pm

    hye.. currently i'm doing my research about this fruit. thx 4 the article and sites. it help me a little.hehe

  5. Hi Razif...
    ko pun ada blog :)
    No problem, my friend. Anytime.. ok I will visit your blog for sure.

    Hi Hadie...
    Good that my posting can help you with your research. Good luck :)

  6. Hi,
    Where can I get this seeds & do u supply?

  7. Hi Boonee...

    You can get the seeds easily if you go to the Kedah State. They planted this trees along the roadside. Easily you can see it. The fruiting season starts around July to October.

    No, I don't supply this thing. I wrote this article for knowledge sharing among the bloggers :)

  8. Anonymous10:52 am

    If you want tunjuk langit or
    zaidi 0125941525

    1. Anonymous2:54 pm

      izzi the pokok buah tunjuk langit ??izzi sell the tree?

  9. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for the info on sky fruit. You have also painted a very rosy picture of our former PM wisdom of planting tress along the highway. That is one of the few good things I can see coming from that Apanama. I am not sure of the damage he had done to this country economically, socially, intellectually and acamedically. Anwar has said, this Apanam, when he left his office, has left with nothing more to destroy. I am not sure you are aware of his misdeeds that he had done to this country. Just look around our neighbours. We were once as competitive as them and now we are 20yrs behind. Maybe you are too young to know all these. If he dies today, I am going to send him a wreath with this note-"send him straight to his grave " Do you know BTN is from the Prime Minister's office??.Do you know what BTN has done to this nation.?

  10. Hello Cheah,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I am a lover of all things humane. Nature and animals are my passion. I am a dreamer of a perfect world of peace and harmony. I believe that dreams to come true.

    Differences will only divide. Sharing of common grounds will unite. Love and kindness will heal us.


  11. saw so many of the benefits above. just wondering how to consume to enjoy all the benefits if we are to pick up the fruit ourselves instead of buying

    1. The seeds of this fruits have a bitterkind of taste. You need to take the nuts out fr the mature seed and crush it. Can make it into powder and consume just a tiny amount whenever is needed. According to some people I met. Better to consult anyone who has a knowledge of this fruit. I am no expert.

    2. The seeds of this fruits have a bitterkind of taste. You need to take the nuts out fr the mature seed and crush it. Can make it into powder and consume just a tiny amount whenever is needed. According to some people I met. Better to consult anyone who has a knowledge of this fruit. I am no expert.

    3. visit tap on skyfruits banner free info HP 0126946552.

  12. Anonymous1:03 am

    Thanks I started taking it an my blood sugar has gone down.

  13. Anonymous1:04 am

    Thanks I started taking it an my blood sugar has gone down.



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