Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Night Filled with LOVE

Jaafar Onn, Rohana Jalil (left) & Haiza (right) singing with orphans with LOVE.

Duit Raya, hampers and goodies from our Group GM, witnessed by our Group CEO. Some more LOVE :)

Single Mother had their share of LOVE too :)

LOVE the underprivileged - Mr. Lam given the goodies, looking on, Dato' Adnan (Director of MPSJ in maroon shirt) and our Group Directors.

Yesterday my stars must be in alignment that makes me feel so much love. I was bursting with happiness that I could not put away a smile from my face. I was smiling and chatting chirpily the whole day and night. I was in a vibrant mood, nothing could ever spoil it.

It started with a dream of my past. I saw something that was so melancholic, I felt pity about it. However, the dream was like a liberation of my heart and my mind. I can't go into details of my past nor my dream. It is too private for public knowledge. What I am sharing here is that from the start of my day, I dreamed of this person. Then it stopped. I went away with my day feeling like a princess. Hehehe :)

We had another charity Ramadhan Buka Puasa with the underprivileged. A joint venture event with Subang Jaya Manucipal (MPSJ) and the media. We celebrated four underprivileged groups, i.e. the orphans, the poor, the single mothers and the disabled (OKU).

The pictures above tell it all. It was a night filled with LOVE and giving. I am so much in LOVE, I drove home with a smile.

Reaching my home, I was looking for a parking space. Then I found one car that was coming out. I waited for it to go out. The driver was putting things at the back seat. I couldn't see his face. Something familiar about the car, though. Then, I saw the registration number! Oh My God! It was my past which I dreamed of. The car reversed without really seeing who is taking his place. He went out and I went in. And that was it. I was filled with wonder. What a day!

A nice closure indeed :)



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