Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love our Children

I met with this two children at RACTAR (Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah) in Subang USJ on 18th September 2008. They are Nisya and Atiqah, both sisters around the age of four and five. When all other children of the house went to school, they were left at the home playing by themselves. The rest are a bit grown ups, working in the sewing workshop, learning a living skill of making dresses for their unknown future.

RACTAR was initially chosen to be the orphanage home for our hotel to grace our Ramadhan Charity function. Changes in the function date has resulted them unable to participate. We invited a differenct homes afterwards. However, since we still have budget to spend on charity, our hotel has decided to still honour our initial plan to celebrate the home. So, we went to RACTAR one fine afternoon to deliver them some goodies. That's the least we can do.

Nisya and Atiqah were playing after their lunch meal. They were too young to fast, in seemed. I went to them just to see what's interesting about these kids. They look too small to be left playing alone. They greeted me with a sincere smile of a child. I asked their name, later took photos. They seemed to like it so much. They know how to pose. Very cute poses they gave me. My heart was started to warm towards them.

It was sad to hear their story from the administrator. The father left them to the care of their mother some time ago and the mother brought them to the orphanage, unable to support them. However, it seemed the mother have not come to visit the children for quite sometime already. The home will put them into adoption soon if she didn't come to claim the children. How sad.

In this era, more and more irresponsible parents are causing heartache and pain to their children. We have a choice in this life. To be or not to be a parent. Why we want to choose a path that we can't handle when our action will cause so much damage to others. This kind of people don't deserve to be in called a parent.

And it is sad that some people can bare children but they don't want them, and some people love children but they can not have one. Cases such as abortion and baby dumping are an everyday news to us. I encountered many types of people in my life. Children and baby talk will always have a sensitivity to me as I myself wish to have children of my own. I want it so much, in fact, it is the only reason now if I were to get married.

I pray and hope that our society will take responsibility of their action. To take good care of our children as they are the future of our nation. Give them all the education and knowledge to build a better society and better environment for all to live in. This world is made up by the people. So the people must change or at least make a difference.



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