Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy from Happiness

Picture of Happiness from Innocent Beings

Feeling of Purple :)

Happiness came in many disguises. We thought money is happiness, overseas vacation is happiness, big bonus is happiness, love is happiness...yes? Well... true. All of these are correct. Happiness is so subjective. You can not define it in one term.

The best happiness is the kind of happiness that came from others' happiness. Get what I mean? It is unselfish, it involves sacrifices but it is the best. Then you will get the ultimate happiness that is hard to describe. At least that is how I would describe the feelings I had when attending the charity function organised by our sister hotel, Peninsular Residence All Suite Hotel. My colleague, Yasmin worked very hard to ensure the smooth flow of this event with her best friend, celebrity extraordinaire, Azwan Ali.

I was touched by the way Azwan Ali and his invited artistes treated the orphans. Among the famous artistes are Jaclyn Victor, Dato' Aziz Satar, Mas (Acedemy Fantasia), Zarina Zainuddin, Raja Farah and many more. In regardless of their status of popularity, they really made the day for all of the orphans. Made them sing, made them clap their hands and even gave them autographs :) That was so sweet :)

The hotel celebrate orphans every year during Ramadhan. Give them 'Duit Raya' (packet money/Ang Pow), goodies and house supplies. This year all our Group Directors and CEO attended.

One for the album - Hard working staffs of PR with the Group GM (in yellow)

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