Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is called a Rutilated Quartz. My newest collection in 2008. It is a Clear Quartz with golden strands inside it. Rutilated Quartz, is a type of quartz with needlelike rutile (a titanium dioxide mineral), embedded in it. The rutile needles can be reddish, which is what rutile means in Latin, or they may be golden, silvery, or on very rare occasions, greenish. In Bahasa Malaysia, another famous name for it is 'Kristal Jarum Emas'. Kerana kelihatan seperti jarum-jarum emas di dalam kristal quartz yang jernih. Okay :)

Another name is 'VENUS HAIR STONE'. A Haa... this is more like it :)

I bought it for a good price of RM300+ in March 2008 at a crystal shop near my hotel. Don't be surprised that in some places, it can be even more expensive because this stone is very famous among the Chinese and Feng Shui enthusiasts. This is part of my new resolution of the New Year. Welcoming all the good chi of the universe. The Chinese would say that this is a very powerful crystal for people in business because the more Venus Hair in it, the better is your business luck. And throughout time, you will see that the hair will grow. So I took photos to proof it. We'll see about that in 3 years time, alright.

In the alternative medicinal practice, 'Kristal Jarum Emas' or 'Venus Hair Stone' is said to ward off Evil, Demon or Ginnie from entering one's body or soul. It is used as a protection against black magic and unwanted supernatural power. Hmm... I don't know about this one. God forbid.

Back to the use of Venus Hair Stone (I like this name), it is reputed to be an energizing stone that helps your mental capabilities. From some of the sources that I read, it is said that this stone enhances your love life. Hmm... may be because it gives more energy, so of course. I like this even better :)

Since it helps your mental capabilities, it helps you make better decisions, judgments and finally bring you on the right tract of success in life. All the positive and energising energy from the quartz and the golden hair that gives even more power of the sun, it is believed that wearing it will help the person find happiness and great success. So that is the logic of how the money and good business come in.

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