Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is a Rose Quartz. My second quality semi precious stones and the loveliest of all. I bought it for RM200+. You might wonder why so high a price for such a small pendant? Well, this one is a high quality crystal that has no cracks, clear colour throughout (no inclusion) and well cut (love shape). The size is only 1.5cm tied with a silver band. If it is platinum or white gold, it can be even more expensive, but the price is solely based on the stone per se in this case :)

This Rose Quartz was bought in year 2003. Rose Quartz is pink in colour. Sometimes it can be very pale to almost whitish. It is a 'STONE OF UNIVERSAL LOVE'.


The colour itself, PINK is the colour of Universal Love. Pink portrays gentleness. It is associated with appreciation, admiration, joy and happiness. Giving someone special a Pink Rose means you are gently telling that person that you admire him/her, appreciate him/her or wanting to thank him/her in the gentlest of manner. Whereas Pink Carnation means gratitude or "I will never forget you".

In Feng Shui belief, Rose Quartz is good to attract love and romance, it is used to enhance relationship with others as well as to give sense of love to the wearer. The energy and aura of Rose Quartz will help to give all the positive vibrations that will help the wearer deals with matters of the heart. How romantic, isn't it.

Needless to say more. This stone is very much straight forward. It is all about LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE. God, I love the word itself. That is why I bought it in the fist place :)

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