Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fig & Mushroom

This is some of the photos taken of the vegetation in Sg. Kekabu forest nearby a village called Kg. Esok in Negeri Sembilan.

The first photo is called fruits from a tree in the ficus genus or better know as fig. I am not sure which type of fig this is. How I wish a botanist were with me to let me know for sure. However, you may read about fig further here. Can we eat fig's fruits? It looks so tempting, isn't it :)

The answer is yes. You won't die if you eat fig fruits but it has lots of wasp in it because what you see as the fruits were actually containing small tiny flowers hidden in it. It looks nice and tempting from the outside but infested by wasps inside. See the black dot at the apex of the fruits, there is a tiny opening where the wasps or insects can go in. Therefore, it is advisable not to eat them :)

The second photo is a cluster of mushrooms. It gives the feeling of surreal and pure when you see them in the jungle. Mushrooms came in a variety of shapes and beautiful colours. There are myths about mushrooms in telling whether it is edible or poisonous. One of the most famous is that white mushroom is harmless whilst colourful mushroom is usually poisonous and deadly for animals and human being. That is totally untrue. Some deadly mushrooms are white and some edible ones are in beautiful colours.

Other myth is that if you see insects or ants around the mushroom, that it means it is edible. The answer is no. It might be harmless to them but not to human being. There are no specific rules to know if a mushroom is poisonous or edible. However, a mushroom hunter can easily tell the difference :)

Another lesson about mushroom is that some can be found glowing in the dark or at night. Not just mushroom, some caterpillars and worms do glow at night too. Lots of things in this world happened for a reason. At the moment, I have so little knowledge on this matter. However, those who are interested to know more about mushrooms can read it here. Mushroom in all shapes and colours. Some will make you smile and wonder :)

My favourite edible fungi family mushroom is called 'Cendawan Kukur'. I don't know what it is called in English. But this mushroom is so delicious if cooked traditionally "Masak Lemak Cili Padi". I can recognise this type anytime in the jungle. Hahaha... Ummm... yummy!

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