Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy Over Stones

This is my first crystal. It's called Water Agate. I bought it for RM80.00 after discount from a shop called Elite Gifts Shop. The shop is no longer there in One Utama (Old Wing).

I am a fan of semi precious stones, crystals and gems. I love anything that is natural and stones are really natural to me. A mineral formation of million or even billion of years (who knows). It fascinates me. I believe that these stones have special powers as it is derived from the earth. It has energies and vibrations that can benefit us.

I have been studying stones for quite sometimes now. Apart from diamonds, which is the most expensive of them all, I studied semi precious stones. Such as Agate, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Jade, Onyx and many more.

Seriously I started buying semi precious stones or crystals in year 2003. I bought the Water Agate Bracelet. At first I found it very beautiful. I love quality jeweleries of all kinds. ONLY QUALITY ONES. Knowing my taste of jewelery, it is advised not to buy one for me, unless that person knows me well enough. Hahaha... just kidding.

This one caught my eyes. It was so green and shining with its multi faceted cut. I don't really buy it for any specific reason, not knowing its actual power. However, being a curious and bubbly person, I asked the owner of the shop to explain its significance in length.

Starting from there on, I became even more fascinated. Not enough from just reading about them, I want to make them stones, my own :) Hmmm... I feel so greedy!

So this is a posting about my crystal collections. Starting from Water Agate. I will share with everyone who has the urge to read further, the description of each stones, their significant values and their hidden alternative healing properties.

I think I'll continue some other time. Till then, take care... Mwah! Mwah! :)

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