Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Another collection of stones in 2003. This is called Citrine. Stone for the people born in the year of an Ox.

The price is RM300+ tied with a silver band. Again the value of the stone is based on its clarity, cut, colour and carat. Apply all those knowledge I wrote about Diamonds. It can be used to make sense of semi precious stones too. But not necessarily. There are no particular written rules for semi precious stones or crystals.

Citrine in French means lemon and the word itself is from a lantin word 'citrus' which means lemon and 'citro' a fruit that is very similar like lemon. So there you go the origin of how it gets its name Citrine, a yelow colored stone.

Yellow in a Citrine Crystal that is sold in the market usually is not its natural yellow. Some is the amethyst heated up to yellow or its natural pale yellow is heated up for enhancement. Very rare that you will find Citrine that is really yellow and very natural. Therefore those natural ones are very expensive.

My Citrine Ring costs me so much because of its clarity and colour. When you look at it, it is flawless and the yellow colour is very natural. That is why I don't mind paying the price to have it. I bought it for a sentimental reason of being an OX. Yellow stone is good for an Ox born people to bring good luck. Not just Oxes, everyone who is wearing it will get the positive energy that attracts optimism in this life. It is also called a 'STONE OF SUCCESS'.


In terms of colour, YELLOW means joy and happiness. It is associated with intelligence and wisdom. Hence promotes the right ingredients for success in life.

In Fung Shui yellow is a very lucky colour because like gold, it is associated with wealth and abundance. Whomever wants to attract more money into their life is advised to wear Citrine or any other yellow stones, best of all, yellow diamonds (it is very rear and priceless).

More on the benefit of wearing Citrine is that it is the only one or two stones in this world that does not contain or keep negative energy. Therefore, it is not necessary to cleanse the stone each time. Those who wear crystal jeweleries should know that at least every three months, the crystals need to be cleansed. When we wear a crystal, all of our energies, auras or vibrations will be absorbed and kept inside it. It's like a micro chip that has all your information in it. That is why you should never wear someone else's jewelery or crystals. It is somebody else's energy. It might be a negative one which is not good for your aura.

There are a few methods of cleansing. I don't think I want to discuss it here. You can do your own research. The easiest way is to go back to the shop you bought it earlier, and to ask the shop owner to cleanse it for you in the crystal bowl.

Okay, now to summarise Citrine is MONEY, WEALTH and POSITIVE THINKING.


  1. are you selling it ?
    if so please write back

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I am sorry I do not sell these crystals. Just a collector. Thanks for reading this posting and am sorry for the late reply because I had problems in replying for all these years. Pheww...



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