Friday, August 15, 2008


Last night my tears dropped non-stop for hours watching Oprah and a Hallmark Movie, "Absolution". My Goodness, so touching… HUHUHU…

Oprah shows never fail to win ladies audience globally. Last night was a repeat show of last year about women who had been raped by their own husband. Two women that had been interviewed, both were successful beautiful above average independent career women who loved their spouse with all their hearts. They are definitely not a weakling but yet, they got abused by their animal-psycho-good-for-nothing husbands. There you go. I hate men who abuse women. They all can die and be in hell. AMIN…

I understand their shattered feelings of bewilderment. A disappointment of believing that a person that you love will never hurt you. Haha… bulshit! They didn’t fight because they were in a state of shock. Their minds were not focused on their battered body. They did not feel the physical pain but they do feel a greater pain. A pain greater than being stabbed by a knife. No further explanation is needed, isn’t it.

Then I watched this movie which I usually will not bother to watch. Again a story of a rape victim. But this one was nice because it has lessons for everyone. About a mother-daughter love, about relationship, about God, about miracle and best of all, about HOPE. Listen carefully, ya. After all the misery and bad experience in this life. The only thing that matters is not to lose HOPE.

It made me remember what my good friend said to me earlier, “If you lose a man, there will be thousands of them in this world. But if you lose your parents, they are only one in this world. You better keep your parents!” Gosh… I feel so much better.

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