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This is my most precious. 21-Eye Dzi Bead with Obsidian Crystals.

It is priceless to me. Immeasurable by any money that can be offered. I've worn it since 2004. A very powerful charm that completes my attire every day. I feel lost without it around my wrist. I have great connection with this one. It has such powerful energy because of its history with me.

First of all, what is Dzi Bead?

Dzi Bead (pronounce Zee) is a Tibetan Bead worn since time immemorial. It is unknown how the people of Tibet came out with the wisdom of this unique bead but surely it is priceless in Tibet. A dzi bead is hand down from one generation to another within the family and the value increases throughout time. Read further here.

There are many types of Dzi Beads starting from 1-Eye to 21-Eye Dzi Beads and many more with its respective symbols and meanings. One needs to understand one's needs and probably one's horoscope to know which Dzi Beads suit best.

Like myself, I bought a 21-Eye Dzi beads with a logic that I was born on the 21st day. There you go. As simple as that. And I asked the Dzi Bead to be tied with Obsidian Crystals because it is so outstandingly black and shining with beautiful multi faceted cut. There are certain ways of buying the right crystals. For myself, I always bought the first one that attract my attention. The 21-Eye Dzi Bead and the Obsidian did. They gave me a certain feelings of wanting, like I must have it. It feels good. You know it is the right one for you.

My 21-Dzi Bead means fulfillment of all wishes and perfecting of wisdom. It gives great energy to overcome fear and perseverance throughout life's challenges. It is most suited for those born in the year of Rooster, Dog and Boar. You can always go to any crystal shops and get their brochure on Dzi Beads and Type of Crystals to know their meaning and significance to your life.

OBSIDIAN - Is a volcanic lava that is cooled quickly, a type of glass. Therefore in ancient time, it is used to make spears and arrow heads. It is called a 'STONE OF TRUTH'. The wearer of the stone will be able to ward off negativity, bring out self confidence and trust of self. It is a protective stone that calms the internal and external energy. It helps the wearer from emotional and physical harm. Black gemstones symbolises self control and resilience.

In Feng Shui black stone is advised to be worn on your right hand. Right hand means you want to let go of the negative energy while wearing crystal on your left hand means you want to attract the energy.

21-Eye Dzi Bead with Obsidian simply means, giving great strength and wisdom to counter life failures and life challenges, making the right decision in choosing the right path with full confidence of one's ability to conquer all.

My Dzi Bead Bracelet is an awesome charm for me. It has been exposed to the earth elements of fresh and salt water and the power of the sun. That is all the natural energy that is important for crystal cleansing. I dropped it into Putrajaya Lake. No one found it for a week until my boyfriend (back then) dived in and got it for me. The energy has been increased ever since. Then I dropped it a second time into a deep blue sea. Never thought of seeing it again. A diver went down and got it for me. It's a miracle that I got it back. I believed that it is the energy and the connection that bonded me with all my crystal collection :)

I have another two postings for crystal enthusiasts. Till then... take care... Mwah! Mwah!


  1. Melissa7:41 am

    This is a very beutiful dzi bead bracelet.

    I got one from a Malaysia website after I study the article from

    I'm quite happy with mine until today. It is a nine eyed dzi bead strung with turquoise beads.

    Did you get yours from this website too?


  2. Hi Melisa...

    Thank you for taking time to read this posting.

    I got my Dzi Bead from HOJB (House of Jue Bao Sdn Bhd), a crystal shop that is quite big in Malaysia. We have lots here and I never stick to one crystal shops. You got spoiled with choices :)

    If you are into Feng Shui and would like to know your luck and fortune each year, I would suggest you buy this book by Lilian Too, my favourite, world reknown Feng Shui Master, at this site,

    Take care :)

  3. We have the same bead =) I have a 21Dzi-eye with 8mm obsidian stones..amazing!

  4. That's great, Anabelle!
    21 Eye Dzi-bead is for better wisdom and eliminate fear in self. Obsidian is some kind of a protection from negative energies within and around the wearer.

    It's good for OX born person for the year of 2009 :)

  5. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hei ~

    I have a 12 eyed as well.

    Overcome the fear, help to achieve a good reputation.

    Hope my dzi beads really helps for myself...

  6. I got me a nine-eyed one. Nice, but need to bond with it better. (new piece)

    Another is a three-eyed one (old piece).

    And my fave has some pattern I don't understand... Right now I'm looking out for what properties it has on the net...

    Hee hee, I want to re-string my beads with crystals that suit me.

  7. Anonymous10:29 pm

    i,m school captain of high school klang 2009/2010...b4 i became the school captain, i was the wearer of 12 eyed dzi and tat time i got wished tat desire for my dream to come true as a was a true story and indeed amazing

  8. Anonymous: Am so happy for you. My 21 eyed dzi-bead has a very close connection to me. I used to drop it in the lake of Putrajaya, for one week it was left there at the bottom of the lake, and I found it back soon after with more energy then ever. Another incident, I carelessly dropped it while snorkeling in Tioman. Luckily, a diver found it in between the corals. Again, I could feel the energy doubled. Amazing, isn't it (:

  9. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Hi Liza,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Yours is a wonderful story, no doubt that your dzi has a very strong connection with you.

    I am not an expert in fengshui or dzi at all, and I see so many dzi on the market. It has become a profitable business, so how do I know which ones are authentic or not ? I don't want to pay something expensive if it is a fake.

  10. Hello Mr. Anonymous,

    It's okay if you are not an expert in feng shui as you can buy books on this subject easily anywhere now. I would suggest you buy Lilian Too's book and another one, Joey Yap as these two are world renown feng shui masters.

    As for the dzi beads, for your information, all dzi beads that are sold in the market today are manufactured using laser/heat to create the white patterns using real natural agate. The authentic beads from ancient Tibet are not usually for sales. It's been passed from generation to generations and if there is in the antique market, it will cost you a bomb. However, the one sold nowadays is good enough. The pattern alone are powerful as it carries certain meaning and attracts certain energy to its wearer. Of course if it is coupled with the right crystal, it would be more vibrant with energy.

    The price of dzi beads depends on the material it was carved on and the time it was made. The older the dzi beads, the more energy it's been exposed and more expensive it becomes.

    To avoid being conned for less valuable dzi beads, better buy it from a well known crystal shops, not on the streets or the night market.

    The key to finding the right crystal for you is to look at its clarity, colour and cut. Look for flawless crystal that shines, without chips or cracks and you must have a connection to it. Like you must have it no matter what. Then you know, it's meant to be yours.

    I hope these info would help you in finding yourself the best dzi beads.

  11. Anonymous4:05 am

    Hello Liza,

    Thanks for replying. May I ask you what is your chinese zodiac animal ? I heard some dzi (number of eyes 1-21) are more suited to you, depending on your astrologic sign. Dunno if it's really true though lol.
    Btw, may I also know how much you paid yours ? It'll give me an idea on how much I should spend.


  12. reina6:05 pm

    Hi, im interested with the content of your post and me myself is new to feng shui and still learning ^^ i can feel the difference ever since!

    Recently, i bought myself a 21 eyed dzi bead and i string it with crystal quart. I wonder if it fits me? My sign is of a horse and i would be grateful if you can out =D i was born on 3rd august btw ^^

    Looking forward to your reply ^^

  13. Dear Reina,

    I am no feng shui expert and I do not give advise to people about their birthdate. You should be consulting the master of feng shui in order to get the right knowledge on this matter.

    Just to brief you a bit about crystal quartz; it is fit to just anyone. It can be used to harmonise all your aura related to the 7 chakras (energy centre of our body). Every chakra has it's own stones to enhance the aura but clear quartz can be used to all the 7 chakras.

    You may read more about it by just googling the topics. Good luck with your research :)


  14. Anonymous11:00 pm

    can i have mantra for 21eye dzi bead

    1. Anonymous, I do not practice mantra. Good intention and positive thinking itself will trigger good aura.

  15. Anonymous10:30 am

    Which wrist do you wear it on? left or right?
    - Bert



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