Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Rendezvous

Every time there is weekend, I will remember the sweetest things that leave marks in my life. Weekend was such a bliss. I would go for outdoor excursions, I would do my house chores, I would spend time with my old and new friends and I would spend time with my loved ones.

Once upon a time, I was looking forward for weekend because it gave such a lovely memories. This song just fit the feelings so perfectly. Today is me working as the Weekend MOD (Manager on Duty) for my hotel. Just done with my rounds and now sitting contemplating my previous wonderful weekends that will never be forgotten. Hmmm....

I wonder if people appreciate their memories. Good and bad memories. How do people handle them? I just wonder how you can be happy with one's misery? I just wonder...

Then I figure it out. It's just a lesson that we need to learn. It's how all the gentle creations be humble and remember who's the biggest power in this universe. So I have no complains. I am thankful for all the life experiences that I had so far.

I do remember :)

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