Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Me

I've dreamed of working in a hotel line ever since I was a child. In fact a lot of other dreams as I am a Libran who has many talents and don't even know which one I should be doing for living. Hahaha... :)

I love glamour and fashion, love class and comfort, love music and art, and at the same time, I love being miserable and humble. My heart bleeds to do good to this world. So contradicting. I used to feel that non-profit organisations would be a great place to fulfill my thirst for good deeds. So therefore, I used to be jobless for almost 8 months, being full time social worker or a volunteer. Finally I realised that it won't work for me. I need other things in life, such as money and being able to party sometimes. I also realised that people go for volunteer project just for fun and socialising. Many young people just go there to find each other, make more friends or searching for their soul. The cause of helping is only secondary. I was disappointed, then I left the scene.

I've been working in all sorts of industries, from Advertising, Food, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Resorts, IT/Publishing and Hospitality. Not knowing where to head. Some people might think I am an indecisive person. Don't know what she wants in life. Hahaha... let people think and talk all they like. I am being me and enjoying it like crazy people do.

In my line of work, I met with lots of people, many places, so many faces. None that I regret of except for one, may be. But not to take it seriously, I am a happy person and am a lucky person indeed.

This is about me. In my complicated world of fun. Hehehe...

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