Monday, June 09, 2008

The Littlest Thing

A photo can tell you a thousand words. A photo keeps a thousand secrets too.

They say the littlest thing in life can make you happy. The littlest smile, the littlest gift, the littlest time spent with your special someone :)

This photo is so classy. There is a story, a moment, a happiness. I did not take this photo but I asked it to be taken. My name made in a very lovely set of glittering letters.

When I got the keychain with glittering letters of my name, I was happy. I thought my world has come back to where it used to be. Beautiful sunny days all year round. Unfortunately, nothing last forever. You still get the bitter taste of a chicken heart no matter how much you enjoy it.

Someone used to say to me that I deserved the best. Never settle for anything less. Like a diamond, I should get the best in everything. I belief in it still and I also wonder why the littlest thing? In case of a diamond, big diamond is rare so it is priceless if the rest of the 4Cs remain constant. Why should I settle for the littlest thing? If it is the best, surely it is not little. I should settle for something big!

Just kidding. That's very greedy, isn't it :)

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