Saturday, June 21, 2008

Like a Bird?

It has been a long while since I got the chance to capture the beauty of nature. I miss that very much. I feel the need to go back to the jungle and nature to renew my senses of well being. I've forgotten the beauty of God's creation, the reason why I could coup with my daily life.

I love birds. You can find my postings on birds here. In fact, I like to talk to them. When I was in Putrajaya Botanical Garden, I talked to bird every morning. It makes me happy. It's like they can understand me. At one time, I met with a bird who actually became my pet but unfortunately just for a short while. It's a type of pigeon. I called it Lucky Dog, because I found it in the morning of Chinese New Year in the year of Dog. I considered it very lucky :)

Sometimes in the park where I used to work, bird will fly to my shoulder. I feel so happy. Like I could communicate with them. At one incident we found a bird standing beside another bird who is found dead. The death was caused by the reflecting mirror of the building in the park. It was the saddest scene. The bird just stood there, obviously with a melancholic expression unwilling to fly away. It refused to drink or eat. Oblivious to my touch. It just went numb but alive. Eventually, I put it on my table in a container. I tried to nurse it with difficulty and eventually we surrender the bird to the veterinary of another park so that it can be released back to a better surrounding. This is the type of bird who stick to their partner for life, meaning, they don't change partner. Even humans don't mate with the same partner for life. Amazing, isn't it :)

We learn a lot from nature. It's like a message from God written all over us if only we take a minute to observe and see. I learn a lot from it and that's the reason I always wanted to go back to nature regularly to recharge and rejuvenate. It has been awhile now. May be I should go for another climb somewhere in Borneo. Care to follow me, guys? Being human, I have lost my partner too. Since I am not a bird, I am looking for a new partner now :)

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