Saturday, June 21, 2008

He's My Father

I started this blog with a posting about my father on Father's Day 2005. Now after three (3) years, I am writing again about my father on Father's Day Celebration 2008.

This year, again it's very special to our family. We had the celebration at a hotel where I am working, The Summit Hotel Subang USJ. All the ladies in the family present with the respective children. I was overwhelmed with family love and unity :)

What's special this year was because I had to share with them what I do for living, that is hospitality. I brought them all to dine at the Oceania Buffet Restaurant for a Father's Day Hi-Tea. Lots of other families were there as well, makes it a merry place to have a family gathering.

My father obviously was happy. It's not easy to get almost all of us with grandchildren together. Everyone has their own extended family and it seemed so seldom that all of us get together except for Hari Raya. Being an adults, we sometimes forget our responsibility to our parents being caught up in the rat race.

On this Father's Day, I was overwhelmingly happy and touched with the presence of my nephews (5 of them!) and only niece. All my sisters were present too. Six of us, ladies of the family. I am so filled with love and just couldn't get over it :)

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