Saturday, June 21, 2008

Like a Bird?

It has been a long while since I got the chance to capture the beauty of nature. I miss that very much. I feel the need to go back to the jungle and nature to renew my senses of well being. I've forgotten the beauty of God's creation, the reason why I could coup with my daily life.

I love birds. You can find my postings on birds here. In fact, I like to talk to them. When I was in Putrajaya Botanical Garden, I talked to bird every morning. It makes me happy. It's like they can understand me. At one time, I met with a bird who actually became my pet but unfortunately just for a short while. It's a type of pigeon. I called it Lucky Dog, because I found it in the morning of Chinese New Year in the year of Dog. I considered it very lucky :)

Sometimes in the park where I used to work, bird will fly to my shoulder. I feel so happy. Like I could communicate with them. At one incident we found a bird standing beside another bird who is found dead. The death was caused by the reflecting mirror of the building in the park. It was the saddest scene. The bird just stood there, obviously with a melancholic expression unwilling to fly away. It refused to drink or eat. Oblivious to my touch. It just went numb but alive. Eventually, I put it on my table in a container. I tried to nurse it with difficulty and eventually we surrender the bird to the veterinary of another park so that it can be released back to a better surrounding. This is the type of bird who stick to their partner for life, meaning, they don't change partner. Even humans don't mate with the same partner for life. Amazing, isn't it :)

We learn a lot from nature. It's like a message from God written all over us if only we take a minute to observe and see. I learn a lot from it and that's the reason I always wanted to go back to nature regularly to recharge and rejuvenate. It has been awhile now. May be I should go for another climb somewhere in Borneo. Care to follow me, guys? Being human, I have lost my partner too. Since I am not a bird, I am looking for a new partner now :)

He's My Father

I started this blog with a posting about my father on Father's Day 2005. Now after three (3) years, I am writing again about my father on Father's Day Celebration 2008.

This year, again it's very special to our family. We had the celebration at a hotel where I am working, The Summit Hotel Subang USJ. All the ladies in the family present with the respective children. I was overwhelmed with family love and unity :)

What's special this year was because I had to share with them what I do for living, that is hospitality. I brought them all to dine at the Oceania Buffet Restaurant for a Father's Day Hi-Tea. Lots of other families were there as well, makes it a merry place to have a family gathering.

My father obviously was happy. It's not easy to get almost all of us with grandchildren together. Everyone has their own extended family and it seemed so seldom that all of us get together except for Hari Raya. Being an adults, we sometimes forget our responsibility to our parents being caught up in the rat race.

On this Father's Day, I was overwhelmingly happy and touched with the presence of my nephews (5 of them!) and only niece. All my sisters were present too. Six of us, ladies of the family. I am so filled with love and just couldn't get over it :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bukit Mertajam Sojourn

On June 2nd to 5th, I went to to Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Jaya, Penang for an outstation trip to our sister hotel. It has given me the opportunity to visit one of the most significant historical features of Bukit Mertajam area.

It was supposed to be a trip to familiarise our Sales & Marketing team of the upcoming St. Anne's Feast celebrated on 26th July to be exact but the celebration and procession begins way earlier that the date.

As the only decent international class hotel in Bukit Mertajam vicinity, The Summit Hotel Bukit Mertajam is one of the main abode for the pilgrims. We always came out with special room package as most of them came from far just to attend to this important feast.

In a year, hundreds of thousands of people (a quarter of a million!) came to St. Anne's Feast. People as far as Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and other countries as well. I was surprised myself. What makes this festival so important to the Catholics. So I took my time to visit the church myself and explore.

Who is St. Anne?

St. Anne, whose name means "grace" was born in 50BC in either Nazareth or Bethlehem. She is revered by Catholics as the mother of Mary. Interestingly, she also holds the position of patroness of joiners, cabinet makers, miners and all those engaged in spinning, weaving, embroidery, sewing and all sorts of household arts and skills.

Churches have been built in her honour this one in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia is one of many around the world.

From what I have been told, lots of believer of this Catholic saint will come to pray for family happiness such as wanting to get children and to get married. It is said that praying at the Church and drinking St. Anne's Water will make your wishes come true. There was a fountain of May and Jesus as a child which I saw lots of coins thrown inside as well :) But of course a real Catholic will pray and submit themselves wholeheartedly with humility, not just to get your wishes granted, isn't it.

I walked around outside the church from the old to the new. To the fountain to the hill at the back of the church. The scenery was superb. The new church is beautiful and artistically done. I tool a peep inside the locked new church. Then a good Samaritan (the caretaker of the church, I think) opened up the gate for me to enter. I was truly shocked that he would allow me go in. I asked him to give me brochure about the church. He took the effort to give me a souvenir book of the church. I was too happy to accept. I took my camera and walk slowly to observe the ambiance. It was very calming and soothing, the feeling you had when ever you visit one's worship place.

I have been researching about St. Anne and the feast from the internet. Have been reading the church's history in Bukit Mertajam. Very facinating but I can't be writing it all here. I have no sufficient knowledge nor right to write a subject that is foreign to me. However, I would like to share photos of the place here so that all of you will be able to see it too. Who knows one day you would want to go there to visit.

My intention is truly to observe and learn for knowledge with full respect of the place and the religion that is not mine. I was happy to be given the chance and understanding. A unique thing being Malaysian. We all share and respect each other's celebrations and beliefs.

My prayer: May our country stays united and peaceful forever. Amin... :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Littlest Thing

A photo can tell you a thousand words. A photo keeps a thousand secrets too.

They say the littlest thing in life can make you happy. The littlest smile, the littlest gift, the littlest time spent with your special someone :)

This photo is so classy. There is a story, a moment, a happiness. I did not take this photo but I asked it to be taken. My name made in a very lovely set of glittering letters.

When I got the keychain with glittering letters of my name, I was happy. I thought my world has come back to where it used to be. Beautiful sunny days all year round. Unfortunately, nothing last forever. You still get the bitter taste of a chicken heart no matter how much you enjoy it.

Someone used to say to me that I deserved the best. Never settle for anything less. Like a diamond, I should get the best in everything. I belief in it still and I also wonder why the littlest thing? In case of a diamond, big diamond is rare so it is priceless if the rest of the 4Cs remain constant. Why should I settle for the littlest thing? If it is the best, surely it is not little. I should settle for something big!

Just kidding. That's very greedy, isn't it :)


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