Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fantasy Island

Tioman Island; What a great retreat. It leaves me with a feeling of melancholy as the island holds memories that I can never forget. I fell in love with the beauty and the people. Now it's calling me back for more!

I went there for a mission, not a vacation really but my good friend YASMIN who is also a very understanding person told me that I need a vacation. Just forget the past and live my life to the fullest. Don't care about other people's feelings, mine is the most important thing. So I relent to that with a reason stronger to believe that I need to go to Tioman for my dear friend's birthday.

True to my mission, I got to celebrate my best friend's birthday with a bang. We laughed and party until the wee hours. It was fun and bonding moment to all of us.

I had a great time the next day, going for my second snorkeling trip to Coral Island and Renggis Island. On the first day I went to the Marine Park and Monkey Bay for the same reason. Marine Park has nothing much. Just a bunch of bigger fish but no corals. However in Monkey Bay, we had to see the beautiful corals, colourful fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin (that destroying the corals) and most interestingly turtles (sighted by Yasmin).

I would say that my last night at the island was the best. It was a full moon. Like I said in my earlier posting, a full moon will affect the behaviour of the creatures on this planet. True to this theory, something magical happened to me. I still feel it like a dream. So unbelievable. The island was like a fantasy island. The next morning, it was so difficult to leave. We all had a feeling of heavy hearts

However, all of us promised to make a come back soon. In our hearts, all three of us who went there, Yasmin, Zamri and my self, we all hold in our hearts a sentimental memory of our own. No one knows but ourselves :)

The Malay say we are now under the spell of "Panggilan Pulau". The island is calling you back!

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