Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Welcoming the Year of the Rat

Home for the destitute women, House of Grace, a place in Pandamaran, Klang, Selangor.

This place is a refuge for the rejected, homeless, and neglected women of the society. The home gave shelter to the destitute women since 1980. The occupants ranging from 28 to 81 year-old. There are from varying background starting from physically handicapped, mentally under-developed, aged, stranded, abused and widows. Interestingly, some of them have been staying there for 10 over years.

The lady with the cane, on left hand side is aged 79-year old. However, she doesn't like people to hold her while she's walking. She likes to do things by her self. A show of pride and great will to stay healthy and alive. In fact most of them are very healthy and energetic. The house teaches them to be independent and they were given a regular medical check up from the Klang Hospital.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, I went there to investigate their needs. I went there with Yasmin, my perfect partner on one sunny day. We were shown to the condition of the house which needed a spring cleaning to welcome the New Year.

I went back to propose to the management, all HODs agreed, so off we go on Saturday, 2nd Feb'08 to Klang like a rescue team :)

A total of 20 of us went there to execute our task. We are happy that while doing our jobs, the old folks sang oldies to our listening pleasure. It was very sweet and touching. Imagine your grandma singing you that old song from her era. Not just that, they even sang us songs of prayer in Chinese, English and Tamil to bless us all for coming to help them. They thanked us profusely for the little help given.

After all clean and shiny, we had Yee Sang tossing with the residents. All praying for a good year ahead. Then we serve them lunch which came from our own hotel kitchen and finally it's time to give away Ang Pow! Our Resident Manager gave a little speech on behalf of all of us with a packet of Ang Pow to each one of the resident before we say our farewell.

We went back to our hotel; some went back home to continue weekend with family while, I went back to continue being the MOD (Manager on Duty) of the day. Sweat, backache and all, are not a comparison to the feeling of fulfillment of giving. Another humbling experience to all of us.

House of Grace is located at this address:
925, Jalan Sekinchan, Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel/Fax: 603-3166 3500

Wish you all prosperity and good luck.

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