Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Season of Giving

In the spirit of giving, this festive season my department has organised a blood drive campaign to help the National Blood Centre to replenish blood supply in their blood bank.

Knowing Malaysian, our impatience and recklessness on the road are phenomenal. The unpredictable weather due to global warming, especially when it's raining time and some more festive holidays, accidents happen everywhere nationwide. More over, during this period, blood drive campaign is few and so do the donors. We are more keen to spend our holidays somewhere or go out partying.

However, our hotel has organised a blood drive campaign on 17th December 2007 to get as many of our staffs, hotel guests and clients to give a little bit of support to the needy. The theme is "Give Blood, Give Life". You wouldn't know that your blood will safe somebody's life out there.

It was a fun occassion for the hotel staffs because most of us never donated our blood before. The scene of needles and blood flowing into the container was enough make one feel dizzy. I was one of them lah.

Interestingly, not everyone passed on the test for the blood donation. Most of us failed because of various health reasons, i.e. high blood pressure, not enough sleep, on medications, underweight and etc. It was really surprising to know that many of us are not in good health condition. The doctor in charge were having a field time advising on our health problems.

Criteria needed for blood donors are as follows:
1. Total body weight of more than 45 kg.
2. Having slept more than 5 hours.
3. Not taking any medication and antibiotics 24 hours prior to the day of blood donation.
4. Not having any health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, AIDS, hepatitis and etc.
5. Not committing homosexual activities.
6. Have pass 3 months from the previous blood donation.

Information from the National Blood Centre says that they are supplying blood to all the government hospital nationwide. For private hospitals and medical centre, they can get supply by registering with the National Blood Centre. In a day, about 50 packs of blood (450 ml per packet) is being supplied per hospital and it increases by demand.

The statistic for November from the National Blood Centre is 11,663 units were collected from their mobile team while 1,472 units from the centre it self.

From our hotel collection, about 60 registered to donote but only 40 passed the test and donated the blood. 20 have failed due to various reason. Even my self have been advised not to donote but I insist since this is my first time experience and I have made a vow to do it as many times as I can after this. The doctor concern was because I only had 4 hours sleep which is not really healthy. I managed to convince her that it was normal for me to sleep 4 hours a day. My blood pressure is good and my health condition is good, so why not. She relent to me finally but instead of 450 ml, she only allow me to donate 350 ml.

For those who wanted to donate blood, please contact The National Blood Centre or you may go there. It is located at Jalan Tun Razak, near the Istana Budaya and National Library.

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