Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Night to be Remembered

1st December 2007 - World AIDS Day Campaign "Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise - Leadership"
You may learn more about HIV and AIDS from Avert.

It was a night filled with warmth, family, friends and togetherness. A double celebration for Kuma and Sasi who celebrated their 29th and 26th birthday on 4th Dec and 7th Dec respectively.

Since their birthday coincided with the AIDS awareness campaign, the theme is "AIDS EDUCATION". What we did is to give all the guests AIDS awareness red ribbon to put on their left chests. On the setting up itself, we put fresh flowers on each tables to represent a beautiful but deceiving life, then fresh petals scattered on the table with packets of condom in between to show that in the beauty of life, we must still be cautious. These are the AIDS education that we were relaying to our guests in a fun and gentle way. Everybody seemed to like it :)

I never organised a birthday party at this scale before. It was fun and rushing at the same time as I had to do it alone and the tight schedule in between my office events and the planning of the birthday itself. It's very challenging.

However, I had real fun and satisfaction from seeing the happiness on Kuma's and Sasi's face. The feeling was so beautiful and huge, I just can't explain it with words. I wish they will remember it for the longest time because I give my all and from my deepest of heart to make it successful.

The guests all had fun laughing and dancing together. Even those who seldom dance let loose to the music. Old and new friends came. I would like to thank everyone who came that night to make the party so happening. My special thanks goes especially to Zul and Chris, my old buddies from previous advertising company, Mediahouse since year 2000, Rachel and her boyfriend, my assistant in Virtual Malaysia. Thank you Kuma's sister, brother in law and Kuma's brother, Gopal and girlfriend Elene for gracing the occassion. Thank you Yoge for the Champaign. Thank you Jiva and Siva, Jolin and Felicia, Dr. Ravi and Chiara and all whom I might have forgotten to mention here. A party is nothing without its people.

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  1. churchghost5:56 pm

    thanx to you liza for a wonderful birthday celebration.... the best so far that i ever had....

    love you to bits...

    best rgds




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