Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Things in Life

Girl Power!
Group Marketing & PR Team
The Summit Hotels & Resorts

From Left: Ms. Kartini Ibrahim, Group Director of Marketing & PR (our big boss), Yours Truly and Ms. Zalifah Yasmin Ibrahim.

I am in such a good mood lately. Everything comes to a better result this time. A new journey with a new vision in hospitality line. Not very much different from all my previous dear organisations that I have worked with. Only that this time, it is all-girl team. Just the three of us. Interestingly, we could work together very well. I include our picture here because we are such a great team and I am enjoying my work tremendously and this is a tribute to my team after a great event in Penang recently.

More great events to come. The latest one will be the Blood Donation Campaign, "Give Blood, Give Life" at The Summit Hotel, Subang USJ on 17th December 2007 (Monday), 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Everyone who read my blog, if you are in KL or nearby Subang area, please come and donate your blood for the National Blood Centre as they need to replenish blood supply during this festive seasons. Accidents happen every where knowing Malaysian style of driving. Your action may aid and save lives of many people.

Good things in life are hard to come by. Meaningful moments should be enjoyed, shared and prolonged with everyone as much as you can.

God bless you!

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