Friday, August 10, 2007

New Mission

Quiet again. Ever since I started racing in the rat race, I have lost the zest for writing. Time flied by unnoticed. Energy ran out dry. How lah… this couldn’t be happening to me, right.

So, okay I am trying now… let us see if I still have it :)

Personally all of us have gone through bad times. We don’t usually get what we planned to get. The same old story happening. The same old lessons. The only thing to cherish in your life is when you get to touch other’s heart by doing meaningful things that has impact to others. That’s the only console to failures, whatever it is, my new mission.

This blog has been losing its charm. No more visitors I guessed. Sigh…It’s my fault for neglecting it for almost two months. Now I am struggling to find the right words to kick myself into writing again. Yeah… I don’t have the mood when I got all the chance in this world, the best chance a person could get.

I am working with a company that produces publications about destinations and travelling in Malaysia. I am now more IT savvy than the rest of the ordinary people because it is an IT company that provides IT solutions for tourism industry. And still I couldn’t produce a single piece of creative writing! What a waste, isn’t it.

Without further ado, I would like to write a little bit about Virtual Malaysia, the organisation that I am working with at the moment. As an introduction, my new employment has met up with my passion, which is tourism industry. I love tourism because it promotes Malaysia to the world. I like that. And I like to brag about Malaysia all the times to my overseas friends. I think they all will concur with this statement.

After coming back from Mulu, I was a full time social worker, jobless, loitering around aimlessly and sometimes wisely volunteering for good causes for exactly 8 long months. I was lucky to have my loved ones who supported me. I have nothing to complain. In fact I had the best time of my life!

Later, my good friend from Mulu, I had to give him credit for introducing me to my job, Ranga is his name, called me to give a try with Virtual Malaysia. I did and here I am writing about Virtual Malaysia.

Come visit Virtual Malaysia, the Official e-Tourism Portal for the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. Learn all the best places and get all the best travel packages from here. At the moment we are also running a photo contest of “Faces of Malaysia”. All Malaysian is invited to participate. Great prizes are waiting. You’ll not going to regret it.

A little bit of promotion there… Sorry guys :)


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