Friday, February 02, 2007


Hmm…. It’s a full moon… it's a night full of wonders... but beware... warewolves, vampires, witches and creatures of the unknown... hahaha!!!

Wow... was that scary or not. Human too is known to act differently when it comes to full moon. However, don't believe me, science still can't proof that for a fact. Nevermind, it’s just perfect. Let’s go out and play, shall we.

1st February is the Federal Territory Day, Kuala Lumpur’s most waited public holiday. Yea…!!! Wait a minute… It’s Thaipusam also lah. Selangor also on holiday. Yippy yea!!! We got to celebrate together this time. Let’s go. Hmm… where to go, ha? BATU CAVES LAH, WHERE ELSE.

So off I go to Batu Caves to observe the celebration of Thaipusam accompanying my friend and his mother. It’s a beautiful full moon that makes you feel active. In Tamil calendar, it is the 10th month of Thai. On the full moon of Thai, the constellation of Pusam, the star of well-being rises over the eastern horizon, hence the name THAIPUSAM. Now you know, right.
Now a little back ground of Thaipusam for the ignorant like me; Thaipusam is celebrated to commemorate the day when the wife of Lord Shiva, or the mother god, goddess Parvathi, gave her son, Lord Murugan a vel (lance) in order to defeat the three demons that cause havoc to the world. So it is like a celebration of Lord Murugan defeating evil. He is also called Velan, hence the vel which is shaped as the lance is the representation of Lord Murugan. People will chant the word ‘vel’ many times to help encourage continuous state of trance to the kavadi carrier. There’s a lot more thing going on to the story that I don’t think I am qualified to write here. Leave it to the Hindus. Let you all do your own research, ok.

The best word to describe my experience is that I was FACINATED… The whole atmosphere is filled with festivities and activities. There’s thousands of Indian on that night going to Batu Caves (even more so on the eve and morning earlier) to pay their vows. Some carrying kavadis, some having their body pierced with metals, some just carrying milk and some having their hair shaved. I missed the procession of the charriot and the coconut breaking, surely they did that on the eve, I guess. There were many kavadi carriers under a trance dancing with the melody of the drums as they proceeded climbing the staircases one by one with ease.

My friend KUMA explained to me about the kavadi. A person needs to fast for about 40 days, being vegetarian, sleeping on the floor and abstaining from all physical comfort and other worldly pleasures in order to achieve purification. Through rigorous discipline of cleansing one’s body and soul only will they be able to get the trance to carry the kavadi. It’s a way of penitence or show of thankfulness of the good fortune, health and living to the vows they have made earlier.

It was my first time visiting the famous Batu Caves although I passed it almost everyday via the highway. I wanted to pay visit and climb the 272 staircases for a very looooong…. time but have not gotten the chance to do so until recently. This year, I got it all planned perfectly to make sure I had the best view of the whole procession and I did.

Well… I went to Batu Caves twice to see the difference between night and day. Hmm… lots of tourist and the remnants of the day earlier as a tertimony of how many people has visited the place.

272 steps of Batu Caves (photo taken by KUMA) - a good exercise for everyone.

Hanuman, the Monkey Lord. This statue shows Hanuman opening his heart that contains the proof of how much he loves Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. If you look closely at his heart, you will see that inside, there's small statues of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi. An amazing craftmanship. I didn't know until my friend pointed it out to me.

Now I had better understanding of Hinduism which helps me to see it in a whole new perspective. More Malaysian of different creed should do this as well. I don’t see any harm in understanding other's religion. We all must study each other for better integration and understanding of one another. Respect others and others will respect you.


  1. ayoyo..... kardavale'...... akak!!!! g batu caves ke?...... lah this year tak dapat tapak untuk business lah kat ctu..... kalau dapat kan best....... Btw after 20 years ber"thaipusam" di daerah batu caves, tahun ni, 1st year nana sambut di daerah lain...... wel....wel.... wel... wel...

  2. Hahaha... naughty girl. Yelah tempat tu macam tapak pesta. Macam-macam ada. Memang good business every year. Jaga parking pun boleh kaya :)

  3. Fantastic new post Liza. Keep up the good work. Very educational and always fun. Best wishes!

  4. A delay thank you to you David. You are the one who got me started, remember. Good luck and best wishes to life in Year 2007.



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