Thursday, January 18, 2007



I will never forget this sentiment. It played again and again in my head. This sentiment sticks to my head for days now after watching BLOOD DIAMOND. An adrenaline pumping fast paced action, almost art like movie starred by the ever eccentric Leonardo De Caprio.

I was so moved, red eyed and left stunned after the movie ended. It made me speechless and humble for many hours. I said to myself, who wants to wear diamonds after this? Not the bloody diamonds for me! And all the guys will smile and say, ‘Thanked God… we are saved!’ This is the kind of movie that makes you think and think again, thousandth of times. Better believe me, go run to the nearest cinemas or buy the DVD copy if available. It’s worth your time and every penny.

Leonardo has always been associated with handsome-baby faced-lover boy kind of actor thanks to his first block buster, the TITANIC; a heart wrenching love story of the sinking ship, in 1997. His baby-face-lover-boy image sticks with him for many years, but the AVIATOR (2004) which he starred portraying the real character of a genius business tycoon Howard Hughes, who is also a freak, has shown a potential Leonardo as a serious actor. This movie is the beginning of a few more outstanding movies that changed people’s perception of him. Another one was the DEPARTED (2006), seeing him acting as an undercover cop for the FBI who has to face many difficulty in order to achieve his dream to be a real cop. Also starred along are Jack Nicholson and Mat Damon (the bad policeman). In the end, all are dead, hence the title the DEPARTED. Sigh…. What a waste.

Obviously, Leonardo has been working very hard to eliminate the lover boy character that is synonymous with him. He has chosen his movies well and smartly nowadays and I think he has succeeded. I always think people underestimated his talent because of his looks. Hmm… too much praises for him. We leave it to that.

What I am trying to promote here is that everyone must at least see this movie to understand the situation in some African countries, the movie mentioned Liberia and Sierra Leon whereby diamond trade is a bloody one. This movie makes it so easy for all of us. The ugly civil war shown children trained and brainwashed as a merciless killer soldier, illegal smuggling of diamonds for weapons, soldier of fortune, international correspondences that risked their life for real news, love and family relationship thorn apart in war and many more touching and real fact stories all going on in one movie. You think your brain could explode with so much input. I think it was fantastic. I think it was a brilliant movie that opens the eyes and understanding of the world at least of the bloodied diamond trade in Africa. It makes us realized that beautiful things do not come easy or cheap either. People fight to own precious things, we didn’t know.

I only have this to say - “My precious… I don’t want you anymore…” but do not breathe easy yet.

Later I would say to him – “I want sapphire or ruby instead" The ones that comes from Burma or Sri Langka only. The colours are beautiful.”


  1. nana dah tgk citer ni.... 1 more.... acalypus (kalau tak silap) directed by Mel Gibson..... Very nice story......

  2. Akak belum tengok lagi cerita tu. Thank you, will search a DVD on that. Kalau nana ada, boleh pinjam :)



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