Thursday, August 03, 2006

Simple Life

Children playing

Life in Mulu is very simple. All goes down to the basic. Money is not the most important thing but it will bring you around to places. I have not spent a single RM for the past two weeks. All my meals are free at the resort and they give me big room the same standard as the guest here. So basically I am living in comfort although it is deep in the jungle.

As you can see, life revolves around the river in Mulu. During the long boat ride, I saw mother and child taking a bath, children swimming and playing. So much life can be seen. For a city folks we feel the sense of blessing that we have lived in a modern society with all the infrastructures and state of the art facilities. We feel pity for them. But at the same time we envy them for living life so simple. No hustle and bustle of the city and pollution.

Penan longboat handler to Clearwater Cave

However, these people seemed so content with their way of life. You can see it in their faces. Life is so simple. You see them smiling all the time. The locals are very courteous and friendly. They will say hi to you in regardless. They wave to you when they see you on the longboat. When I was sick with diarrhea, I went to the local clinic. There, I got the chance to speak to the locals, orang Ulu. They all are beautiful people of Sarawak.

One of the most fascinating things about Sarawak that attracts me in the first place is their famous hospitality. I have experienced this many times during my visit to Kuching, Miri and now Mulu. They really spoiled me to tears. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful. No one could have given you the warmest smile and the sincerest generousity. I have many Sarawakian friends whom I am indebted to for life. They are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life and they inspired me to come to my temporary home in Mulu.

It is a normal scene in many parts of Sarawak using river as their means of transportation. Being the biggest state in Malaysia, development in Sarawak is very complicated given the geographical situation. It has hilly features and very dense forest areas. Road can not simply be built to link all the places due to high costs of constructions. May be one day they will exist but who knows when. Places as remote as Bario (famous highland tourism destination of the Kelabit people) and Mulu (World Heritage Site) are difficult to access. Air and river are main means of transportation to the locals and the tourists. These are the things that make the place so unique and interesting.

In my next posting, I will share with you the caves in Mulu. Till then… keep on checking :)


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    lama zul tak mandi sungai.
    lama zul tak bau hutan.
    lama zul tak naik bot panjang.
    lama zul tunggu cerita ni.
    lama zul tak sembang ngan liza.

    BB \\xulmgd

  2. Waalaikumsalam Zul...

    Lama tak jumpa, lama tak sembang, sekarang jemputlah datang kat mulu kita boleh bersembang panjang :)

    Yelah Zul, thank you for always being my best friend. I'll be back to KL soon after raya. Sementara tu, selalulah baca blog ni for my news.



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