Friday, August 18, 2006

School of Nature

Ketapang Tree - one of the Canopy Skywalk tree base

Mount Mulu National Park was opened to the public in year 1974 and was inscribed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 2000. This National Park is famous for its beauty in geographical and biological diversity. From limestone hills to rivers and trees and animals, everything in Mulu is simply amazing.

Look at the tree for instance… it’s called Tualang or Tapang Tree (Koompassia excelsa). It grows majestically in any tropical rainforest easy to recognise with its outstandingly smooth white-coloured trunk which makes it even prominent. Tualang usually grows in solitary with no other similar species nearby. It attracts honey bees because of its smooth trunk forbids the sun bear from climbing the tree easily hence forbid it to reach the honeycomb. Adding up to that, Tualang only branches out after 100 feet heights which makes it even more difficult for anybody to climb except for human being who sometimes climb the Tualang for the honey. Interesting, isn't it? Honeys from Tualang tree is highly priced in Malaysia.

God is Great! You see it all in the nature. There's always reasons and explanation of existance. We all have reasons to live. No one is spared in this universe. Back again to Tualang Tree, for the poets, it has significant meanings and values. It symbolises pride, achievement, one's standing, strong believe, royalty, perseverance and many more highly aclaimed traits. Just to add to this, Tualang is protected under Sarawak's Wildlife Protection Bill of 1990.

Canopy Skywalk - the longest in the world!

Now my trip this time takes me to explore the Canopy Skywalk, the longest tree based canopy walk in the world. It is 480 metre walk from tree base to tree base suspended 20 metres above the ground level. It will take about 2 hours to complete the whole exploration including the trekking to get there from the National Park Headquarters. In order to get the most of this walk, try to conquer your fear. One needs to be alert of one's surrounding. Look into the trees from base to base, look down under where the stream running clear, the crawlers and the climbers. Never miss to read the signboards that explain the flora and fauna of Gunung Mulu National Park. Lastly but not least, take a deep breath and try to feel the spirit of the jungle itself. If not, it only be a waste of time.

Stick Insect that camouflage like the dry stick

Mulu has many of this stick insect. I've seen them many times and everytime I mistakenly thought that they were dry twigs. In Mulu, Stick Insect there are recorded to be among the biggest in the world. This insect eats leaves. When I did reseach on them, suprisingly some people keep Stick Insect as their pet. They even have a club for this group of people.

Lantern Bug - how beautiful they are

Now this is my favourite. Aren't they beautiful? I was lucky to detect them at the bark of a tree, so beautiful and proud. They just sit there for hours without moving. I saw them on my way to the canopy and I saw them again on my way out from the canopy. This couple is called the Lantern Bugs or True Bugs. . It is called Lantern Bugs because of its horn like feature that once upon a time ago was mistakenly taken as glowing, but of course it’s not but the name stays. Lantern Bugs or True Bugs (order Hemiptera) have many shapes and all comes with vibrant colours as you can see in the photo above. It makes me so overly excited when I found them. If you are wondering, these insect is herbivores, they ate flowers and fruits by sucking the plant juices through a straw like mouth part called a proboscis.

Giant Tree

Hmm... that's it for now. I will share with you some other stuff in my next postings... Hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoy writing it. Cheers!


  1. This is a beautiful blog Liza. Stunning photos, and you really bring the blessings and amazing diversity of God's creation to life with your lovely words. Keep going,
    Yafiah Katherine

  2. Hi Liza..

    Glad that u are back. Nice to know that u are happily living in Mulu now.. envy you. Keep on blogging & posting nice pictures. Take Care


  3. ciksue1:01 pm

    Liza, next time kalau kita pegi Mulu nak ambik gambar kat pokok besar tu & bwk balik ulat kayu tu boleh ke.. Hehehe...

  4. Wow! I like the Tualang instantly. The canopy looks solid and maybe not that scary anymore? ;p Gigantic buttress I must say! Hope to see some caves and pinnacles later? Cheers!

  5. Katherine - Thank you for visiting here. Glad that you like my blog. I like yours too. Long time never been updated?

    Sang Kelate - You too never updated your bloglah. What happened? Insyaallah, kalau I lama kat Mulu, bolehlah post lagi more pictures :)

    Sue - cepatlah datang sini Sue... nanti i bawak you kat semua tempat tu. Memang cantik binatang kat sini.

    Low - Hi, how are you? The canopy was not scary at all. At least to me it's find. Only that it sways a lot which makes it difficult to walk steadily. Hope to see you here soon Low. Before I migrate to other terrain :)

  6. nazri3:21 pm

    liza...buh la chatter board ke tag board kat blog ni...bleh la nyentil sikit-2 kat sini

  7. beautiful pictures



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