Friday, July 28, 2006

Hidden Treasure

The Hidden Crown Jewel of Mulu

Hello everyone, I am back. This time I will share more stories of my world of Green!

I am embarking on a new journey from the beautiful garden of Putrajaya to the mysterious and exotic jungle of Borneo. This wandering soul of mine is now on a new quest for the excitement and adventure of the nature’s hidden treasure. Something extraordinary to keep up the excitement level constantly going uphill and something to do with the world of Green!. As always I can’t make myself stay put in one place. Some kind of defects attribute, I guess :) I am no longer living in KL. I left the life of metropolitan city, pollution and rat race to be in Gunung Mulu National Park, the largest National Park in Sarawak.

The photo above is the famous aerial view of the resort I am working with. The resort is called Royal Mulu Resort. It is a luxury remote resort that has been in existence for the past 13 years; a very famous getaway for the foreigners especially the Europeans as compared to the locals. It was built in the heart of natural rainforest as you can see, some of the structures can not be seen from the air because it is totally hidden beneath the lush greeneries of the forest. This is the Hidden Crown Jewel of Mulu where I make my new home.

Interestingly, it’s not long for me to make my decision to come to Mulu. In fact, I seek the opportunity to come here and it was granted. I am glad to have come here and will make my stay as productive and memorable as possible.

To come to Mulu it self is an adventure. The easiest way is via air. There’s not yet good road built to connect Mulu to the nearest city, i.e. Miri. Only the logging routes that will take about four to six hours drive by 4WD vehicles from Miri. By plane it will only take about 30 minutes. It can also be reached via the river from Miri but it is a bit complicated with a few stops; the journey will take about ten hours via express boats and finally long boat to the resort. The Melinau River running closely beside the resort is the main water source for the resort and the community of Orang Hulu especially Penan living along the river. Overall population of Mulu is not more than 1000 plus people. Mulu has an airport, a small clinic (with only a Medical Assistance), a school and all the basic amenities but nothing more than that. We don’t have banks and supermarkets here. Anything you need, have to be brought from Miri or Marudi. Life is very simple and quiet.

The people here live by farming, fishing and a little bit of trading. However, tourism plays the biggest part. The resort and the National Park contributed so much on the economy of course as the locals involved in many areas of work. I am still yet to explore more parts of Mulu especially where the locals live upriver to see their lifestyle and customs. I like that very much. Later I will share it with all of you here.

Interesting longboat ride to Lang and Clearwater Cave

I came to Mulu on the 6th July 2006. On my third and fourth day, I went to the four Show Caves in Mulu; Wind Caves, Deer Caves, Lang Caves and Clearwater Caves. These are the introductory caves for visitors of the uniqueness of the famous caves of Mulu. It has many caves, all huge and unique. Some are only reserved to the professionals with caving certificates and special request such as the Sarawak Chamber, the biggest chamber in the world that can fit in 40 Boeing 747 wing tip to wing tip. Isn’t that fascinating?
It all seemed like a dream living in Mulu. I am now adjusting to the life here. I have so much to share. This is only the beginning. So much to do, so much to explore… the motto here is Do Mulu, so much to do or do nothing… I’ll get back to you all later, till then, thank you for visiting :)


  1. Liza, great.. pursue you dream and enjoy working. I was working in Sarawak for three and half years and I did really enjoy working there. Got to travel and meet people all over this gem of the Kalimantan. The three and half years in Sarawak is the best part of my career. Have a nice day.

  2. Assalammualaikum Pak Idrus,

    It's been a very long time isn't it that I have been amissed from the blogging world. Thank you for never failing to come here visiting. I really appreciate it.

    Yes, I always have soft spot for Sarawak. Have lots of good friends here and I am having a good time too.



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