Monday, April 03, 2006

Talk is Cheap

Rain drops in the lake - a beautiful scene to behold

Rain has always been associated with grief, sadness and melancholy as the drop of rain is like the drop of tears. If we could appreciate the nature, we would learn a lot from it. That’s how Adam and Eve started learning things, from the observation of nature around them.

Rain has its wisdom. I mean God (Allah s.w.t.) is the centre of all wisdoms of course. We are merely trying to understand a little drop of what little knowledge that has been allowed to us. Rain is some kind of blessing really. It cleans up surfaces, gets rid of the polluted air and gives water to the living things. We need rain in regardless. And I could talk on and on about rain with no certain objective.

Well... my point is, talk is cheap. Nothing in my mind to say much about. So let's not talk.

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  1. Lagi satu, jangan main hujan.. nanti demam.. heheh..



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